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Tuesday, December 29, 2009
This was a grand year of change and forward movement. While health was shakey with the family (mom and especially Jake), the rest of the year brought forth a lot of adventure, amazing friends and opportunity to move in a direction that offered happiness rather than more of the twenty-something setteling. I wanted to reflect so I can clean the slate a bit and start new for what will hopefully be another grand year in this life of mine...

-New Years in Seattle - a four-day trip completely solo three blocks from Pike's Place market, champagne on the street, in the rain, during fireworks off the space needle.
-Flower Hours - workin' on the guns, butt and legs.
-Drunken brunches at Bistro Vendome with the geese.
-Being picked up at a bar in Keystone while having a solo-ski day, sans make-up, grubby clothes and nothing but Kings of Leon on my ipod. I somehow managed to sling a hottie gentleman from Texas, complete with accent. Meeeeeow!

-Alice 105.9 Bitter Ball with Rachel, which actually ended up being the Pitty Ball... single people who win tickets to a single's Valentine ball are not bitter... they are just pathetic.
-Kittening and performing at Lannie's - Burlesque, burlesque, burlesque!
-Another year with my Grandpa Chuck. 2010 will mark his 85th.
-My 27th birthday - a Tetris party, a Burlesque and dinner party, then four days at home with the family, two cakes, and my amazing Wilderescence lamp, courtesy Julie.
-Phoenix Rising Yoga with Melanie
-Three nights in a row at 5280 Restaurant week... foooooood!
-The beginning of hip hop dance classes with Laura every Tuesday night with Charles White and Cleo Parker Robinson. Yes!

-Movies at the Mayan with Mallory and Kiira - and the Junior Mint Martinis that made all of the other chatty, straw-slurping viewers in the theater bareable.
-The most amazing bachelorette party of my life with Suzaster, Britt and Emily in PHX.
-Long runs in Wash Park.
-Ditching work early with my co-workers for sushi and movie dates.

-Suzaster's wedding, the calming effect I was able to lend her before the ceremony, delivering champagne to four sore-souled pairs of feet, and my company later that evening.
-Travel Writing Class
-Lily Allen with Sheila (birthday present, THANK YOU, my pretty! xo)
-The Pixies burlesque duet with Ronnie.
-The company closing, and generous severance.
-A week-long trip home before mom's treatment.

-Myrpa's 6-week stay in Denver begins... and it is awesome.
-Scooter Valentine gets stolen, but I chalk it up to creating good karma for...
-London/Ireland trip: Bath, brie and turkey sandwiches, almond croissants, Shoreditch/Hoxton every night (thank you, matty), rum and cokes, 85 degree weather my entire stay in Ireland, surfing in La Hinch, accidently landing in Galway during the International Volvo Ocean Race, Mexican card games with a brother and sister who kept changing the rules and I couldn't rebute because they spoke very little english (hilarious) Solo, Day-Long Bike Rides on Inishmoore Island with a puppy companion and the hostel with a view to die for and cooking from a french, african american cook... oh, and SKYPE. it saved my sanity.

-Jazz in the Park with Myrpa
-Lebowski on Film on the Rocks.
-Rachel and Sami Days of fun. (FRO-YO)
-Mani-Pedi Dates with Holly
-The discovery of the Denver Public Library and freeeeee music.

-New York City with Myrpa - pedicab rides, cheap hot dogs and coke, chopping cats, Tavern on the Green and horrible Mussels, biking around central park on the 4th of july, when the city was quiet and empty. Amazing.
-Long Beach Island with Holly
-Philly by my lonesome... my credit card made it to the hotel just in time.
-Washington DC - Seeing everything and nothing in a whirlwind, being picked up and treated to dinner by secret service. :)
-Sheila's birthday brunch.
-Denver UMS

-Walking with Dinosaurs
-Drunken Broncos Game with Catie.
-Working the Rally, and reminded I'm so glad I don't wait tables anymore...
-1-yr anniversary for Christopher.
-Ditching the Jersey Boy.
-Food, Inc. and the meatless month that followed...
-The bunny spends a month in ICU but makes it thru surgery...

-Marcia's broken finger - that sounds bad, but it brought a lot of good catch-up time, and one of my top favorite days of the year.
-Girl weekend with my grandma and three of my aunts - Kooza, visiting the house my grandmother grew up in, laughing to tears.
-Dinner with the Montgomery's (and getting to know court, holly and bailey better this year).
-Being an extra in a film.
-Cupcake design with Holly and Allegra

-Suzaster's trip to Denver - cupcakes, RMNP, House of 1000 Corpses, laughing so much our stomach's hurt for days, HH's, fro yo and quality time in general. favorite girl.
-Haunted houses with Chrissie and Phil.
-My name on the calendar at Front Porch.
-STEVE MARTIN LIVE, in person, just 3 rows away.
-QT with my dad while he was in town shooting the NFL games.

-The GMAT (gross)
-Acceptance to MBA Program at CU-Denver
-Finally busting down my steel wall. FINALLY.
-Finding my perfect home... and moving there.
-Pie making with Chrissie and Shiela + "One time, I ate so much cheese popcorn I threw up... in a mall."
-Lala's Happy hours with Holly
-Blizzard date at Mezcal with Sheiler
-No Pants Day - gingerbread and tea for breakfast and White Christmas in bed.
-Having so much to be thankful for.

-Weekend in Manitau with the Liens
-Sweatshop knitting with Maura
-Christmas movie, hot cocoa and smores night with Holly and Allegra
-Lady Gaga in San Fran with Chrissie
-my new boots.
-Hazel singing in church and christmas eve dinner at 1am.
-Falling thru a wooden grate at a christmas party of complete strangers.
-Finally making it home for "Christmas" on Dec. 27th.
-Kitchen Aid Mixer (i can skip marriage now! yess...)
-Long talks over cheese and wine with mom.
-NYE cocktails with my Grandparents, Dinner with mom, Rich and Jake, and I"m sure, in bed before 2010 hits.

Damn, it was a good one. I hope yours was, too... and I hope the next gets even better. xoxo

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I'm Sami Jo From Denver, CO, United States Samantha loves to travel, lose herself in a good book, practice yoga at her favorite local studio, The Yoga Mat, and connect with friends, old and new. Her love of working with creative minds extends into her personal endeavors, as well. She and her husband conduct a project called "Songs For Jake," a music collaboration channel designed with the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. Through her business, Roger Charlie, Samantha focuses on publicity and management, working closely with authors, musicians, and creatives who find value in a more personal approach through communications.
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