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Decisions, Decisions

Sunday, May 9, 2010
It's getting down to the gun, and I am still trying to decide where the heck to spend my 4 extra days in Europe. So... please, if you have input - help me. Here's what I've narrowed it down to... (excusing, sadly, spain - as with the current situation in Greece expected to move to Spain/Portugal following, I'll probably skip to be safe. Plus.... you just need more time there than 4 days!)

In no particular order:

Brighton, UK: I get my ocean, smaller town, and the convenience of a short 50 minute train ride to this locale. Think long beach lined with smooth stones (sadly, no sand casltles), an old pier with carnival and stripey changing huts and sun chairs (like chitty chitty bang bang :))
Places to stay are fairly cheap, and it gets me to the ocean, which i'm seriously craving. Seems like the least-stress option, and additionally, since I"ll be studying music anyway, may be neat to go here since this is where all the london punk scene used to spend their summer vacays.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Aside from all the mmj fan-talk that usually goes along with the name, I've heard this city boasts amazing food, canal systems, and one of my favorites - lots of bike riding through the city. It'd be wonderful to experience another country and go exploring myself... I think i can find a decent hotel for the week, or even going scant, still get a private hostel room. I also hear the people are beyond pleasant.

Kilarny (Ring of Kerry), Ireland --- Although I've already been to ireland, I never made it down to county Kerry, which was of big appeal. I still dream about my time spent on Inishmore and in Doolin --- I think I need some small -town appeal, and the benefit of Kilarny is the Ring of Kerry... most hostels allow bike rentals, so I could see this all on foot, stopping at ocean-side towns to eat at pubs, meet the different people. Riding through Irish countryside is definitely striking me right now.

Somewhere else...? Anyone???

Seriously, would appreciate your input. E-mail me if you have suggestions. Thank you!

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