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Throwin' a Little Pop Culture Your Way

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Because I've been absorbing it in the few hours I"ve had outside of Working on three projects and sleeping off Sinusitis.

This, of course means a plethora of movies and Celebreality.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Call me late in the game - because I"ve never seen the play / read the book - but holy greatness. Sick, twisted ending, and hello - amazing. I think this is my favorite Tim Burton / Johnny Depp Project... Sure redeems Burton after the atrocity that was Willy Wonka.


Another good flick that surprisingly didn't make me throw up all over the theater (how many people have said this?) I dug it... played on a lot of human fear, including that most of it lies in the unknown. I half was uncomfortable because it really makes me feel for all of those involved in 9/11... My boss was in one of the towers when it was hit and I've heard the story of the after effects - being covered in building Soot, etc. - so I'm not sure I'd recommend it to these people - but if you're going to go - Go Big - and Go Imax.
Thot-out Review here for those wanting a little more.

27 Dresses

Yeah. I said it. And respectfully, I went alone. Reminiscent of Never Been Kissed... Doing a story on someone - end up falling in love. I guess I feel akin to Katherine Heigel's character because I am that girl pulling all the strings for everyone else and getting big shit done while all of my beautiful friends/sister(s) stand out. Anyway... It's a chick flick. But, my favorite. "I am Jesus..." Plus I love her apartment...

Celebreality Catch-Up for Sunday, January 20:
Rock of Love II Recap
My Fair Brady

Dr. Drew not til Friday... sorry, kiddos.

Also... hilarious - I think Amy Wineouse dyed her hair blond for prison is so that once she comes back out she
"Goes Back to Black" Credit Auntee Elizabeth.



Something To Do At Work When You're Slow

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Rich Juzwiak who has he regular blog over at four four also writes for the Vh1 Celebrity Blog - and if you're a Celebreality geek like I am - you can catch up on hilarious recaps EVERY SINGLE WEEK for:

Bret Michael's Rock of Love 2

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Scott Baio is 46 and... Pregnant (blurg).

Just in case you're bored and want to mock reality Tv. I promise it'll be a good time... and oh yeah - you'll be addicted ;)

I'll try to update you on weekly entries ;) Always a hi-light of my day




Friday, January 11, 2008
I woke up this morning - well, not very well.
I had a hard time.

It's about this time I start weighing my options:

1. shower - show up pretty late to work.
2. don't shower - deal with disheveled hair and aim for "Bed Head" sexy.
3. shower - wash body only, deal with disheveled hair.
4. shower - wash body and bang only to pull off clean hair in the front.

I opted for option 4 because surprisingly, my hair gets 1930s glam curly when i sleep on it and I lucked out with good hair today. I was still late for work tho... oh yeah - i'm always late. The more I try, the later I am.

But the particularly wonderful thing this morning was having the dream I slid down to the Denver Pavillions (literally, SLID... like on a sled but just on my touche) in boxers and a baggy t-shirt with horrible hair and no make up and ended up meeting my perfect mate - who I caught a twinge of butterflies when dreaming. He asked me out, and I ended up shopping and still not being able to shower for our date.

I tried to squeeze my eyes shut to see where the date would go, but the time was ticking steadfastly into "dangerously late for work" and all I could do was sit up and go, "Damn.. I need to meet that dude. Tonight. Or soon..."

Not sure why this is so heavily on the mind lately - but I guess the heart wants what it wants.
and mine wants it NOW!



It'll be Hard to Top Yesterday

Thursday, January 10, 2008
So many good things...

1. 3 pounds of the best hot chocolate in creation finally arrived at my home! Trust me on this. Flagstaff knows what's up (Thanks, Amber).

2. I got my camera back! The one I recieved as a graduation present in 2004. I finally bought it back! Watch out, people. This year will be a mad photography streak. I am so freaking excited.

3. Get Smart! has been made into a movie - starring Steve Carrell as Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. Hold on to your shoephones, love. It's going to be good!

4. Some guy who had stopped in our office went out of his way to come back to my office to ask me out. His approach was cute - and bold - so I gave him my number. He called 3 hours later - sent to voicemail.

I called back and said I'm busy til next Wednesday (I am). He said Ok - then texted me five minutes later to say we needed to meet up later (that night). Jeeez. Pushy much? He told me I was being defensive - so i kindly said goodbye. What the hell?! More proof that I only attact douchebag idiots.

5. I finally obtained the Once soundtrack, as well as The Wheel - Desire and Desolving Men. Yesssssssssss. (For those of you who have this - When We Were Towers pretty emotionally heavy/disturbing, no? We all feel like this sometimes...).

6. Matt Nathanson -- blogging like crazy lately - and last night, shared an interview he gave on the music industry. Something refreshing in a recyclable world. Have a read - you won't be disappointed.

Cheers to all the better days in 2008. Only... 31 days til Sami's birthday. :0D
Hip Hip Hooray!

Oh.. you can top it by going to Sputnik's with me this Saturday for a big bowl of Brunch and Bottomless Mimosas. Who's in?



Do you miss me sometimes?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
I do.

But celebrating lots of fun things. This Gap Hoodie that feels like a Restoration Hardward Blanket I got for Christmas (Softer than a babies butt) and finally - after 8 months - I DON'T HAVE CHAPPED LIPS! Hurrah.

Must be something about Denver.

Devoting most of 2008 to creative arts/music, travel and four-leggeds. If you'd like to joint he bandwagon, jump the hell on!

Post Script: I promise not to talk about Britney... that much.



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