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Seriously... I'm not kidding.

Thursday, November 29, 2007
I am a marginally patient person.

And that's being generous.
After this week, I have none left.


I keep getting e-mails / phone calls from about this or that being wrong, which means I end up having to spend 5 hours on the phone with customer service from three different companies as middle man so I can talk to someone from France / India / Germany that I inevidably can't understand. We spend twice the time needed to say "What? WHAT?" because I'm trying to explain what's wrong and they keep talking over me - and trying to tell me they have no answers and cannot help - because apparently no one has open communication or the know how to write down what the fuck is going on at their company. I know.. it's SO difficult, right!?

I have to repeat everything seven times. And after all of this, I'll still have to call 30 more times to get anything else fixed.

This has been my entire week. I dont have the patience or any care as to what is wrong. I go out of my way to fix things on my own terms before I go outside of my own knowledge base/research to figure out the problem - everyone should graduate from the third grade and learn how to do the same. Sorry to be harsh. I'm really not this mean - I just am done being patient and pleasant about the same problems never being fixed and feeling responsible when it has nothing to do with me.

This is where I scream into a pillow. And suck it up because such is life until I get better about brushing stuff off.



Bob Dylan to Record with Jack White?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From NME.com:

White Stripes' Pal says a legendary collaboration is on the way.

The White Stripes' frontman Jack White could be set to record with Bob Dylan.

The paid could be set for a new music collaboration after a series of link-ups.

White has joined Dylan onstage before and contributed to the legend's radio show.

Most recently, White has been recording on some unfinished Hank Williams songs for a project Dylan is co-ordinating.

On that project, White worked with Steppin' In It bassist Dominic Suchyta, an old friend, and he believed there is every chance of the White Stripe and Dylan recording together in the future.

"I wouldn't put it past either of them. They seem to be cut from the same cloth, sort of misplaced Midwestern brothers," he told Paste Magazine. "I do know Jack has joined him on stage quite a bit and joined him for his radio show. When we were high school teenagers, we recorded quite a few Dylan tunes on our old four track reel machine."

(Sami's Note: Who hasn't, right?)

He added: "I remember having a nice version of 'Masters of War' on some cassette somewhere. Jack played drums and guitar, I played bass and guitar.

What do YOU think of a colaboration?




Monday, November 19, 2007
Geeez, I am so bad at this blogging thing lately -- I guess not THAT bad - but bad enough.

I've had a mass boatload of things going on - so I've been accomplishing a lot in my real world - but not so much online.

To give you a little insight as to how much has been going on - I'll tell you I recieved something in the mail on friday that I honestly have no recollection at ALL of ordering - so while I was completely confused, I was also pleasantly surprised.

All of that said, I do have all of my Christmas shopping done, cards, photo, some personal crap sorted out and a lot checked off my todo box in career life. I've also managed to (mostly) kick a sinus infection that's been looming around for the last two weeks. I found some sort of sinus spray that has cayan pepper in it. Think painful, but effective.

Or, as a good friend put it, "Burns like holy flaming chlamidea."

Sunday night I had some time to myself - and caught up on some good documentaries (thanks to the recommendation of friends). That's where all of these seem to come from - and they seem to show up often on Sundays - so I'm hoping to get you guys filled in so you can take part if interested.

Of course, we have the traumatizing Guys and Dolls Documentary:

Love me, Love my doll
Scary, haunting, appalling and perfect for which to freak out your friends. If it's too much for you, go see Lars and the Real Girl. It has Ryan Goseling, and no intimate scenes where the vagina fabric is torn, ripped, "totally needs to be reconstructed" I'm shuddering.

John (my best-of-craigslist boy) recommended The Bridge - The documentary about Suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. IT was interesting, because I remember last year when I visited my good friend Sara, her boyfriend was telling me about it - and that they set up a film crew for a year to watch the Golden Gate. I'm still wondering how controversial this was because to literally watch and not interfere - is that accomplice to murder? hmm... This is interesting - and sad. And even Howie Day gets a plug at the end. Def spend your time. The finale is amazing.

Third - Born into Brothels, Recommended by Amber Soo --- This is a documentary from a woman that has been in Calcutta's Red Light District on and off for several years, and teaches a Photography Class to kids of Brothel Women. Their photography is amazing - and their personalities are captivating. I was so impressed by how children so young seemed to deliver their thoughts so inteligently - sort of like sifting through all of the bs and getting straight to the point. Their photography is amazing, as well. Touching story.

That said, I'd love recommendations from anyone else if you have them. Please e-mail me with your thots.




Thursday, November 15, 2007
Who said this was Sheak and stylish?
Because It looks like a freaking bag with a skinny belt.



I can do a lot, but...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
I just can't save lives.

It's a hard thing when you carry compassion as one of your strong character traits, because good people will value it greatly, but some will take advantage to a scrap of your sanity.

Learning to harness the habbit of springing into "save-the-day" action has been a hard lesson for me.

And just typical of life, mine has decided to pound me in the face heavily with this issue.

Tonight was a true test - and i'm sitting here feeling indifferent- sitting on the fence between upset/worried and not giving a flying f*ck. Looks like i'm finally beating that instinct to try and save everyone's life but my own.

I know, i know. I totally sound like that girl in the Reality TV show house that's "always the victim." But fuck man... give me a break already. I'm sick of this year!

46 days and counting to a new one. Blurg...



Oh, Dreams. I Love You Sometimes.

Monday, November 12, 2007
I slept extremely well last night - and woke refreshed, not beaten down - like I have felt over the last eight months or so.

Between those hours of 1:30 and 8 - had the most pleasant dream of some new, fresh start with an adorable man that wasn't very 'my type,' but seemed to fit me perfectly to a tee. And cute as a button. Our first kiss was on a wrap-around couch while watching some movie. Someone offered up donuts and we both declined, but I ended up taking a bite anyway and smooched him full-on with white powdered donut all over my lips.

Intimate, no?
So this morning, I am craving that kiss... And that comradery. It's too bad I'm waiting til 2008, right? Where is this mystery man? Le Sigh.

I haven't gotten that stirred up over a guy for a long time. And my dreams have the tendancy of manifesting themselves into reality - so let's just hope this is one of those cases, shall we?

More later...



Happy Birthday Bunny

Sunday, November 11, 2007
Today is my brother's 24th birthday

An extrordinary day, each year because this kid has been through hell and back about 8 times and still lives to smile about it - and spreads that positive attitude around to everyone that meets him.

I could sit here and write you this long story about why he's so amazing (you can kind of get this jist by viewing the Hoyt Story -- our family is very simliar - and Jake is very similar to Rick - save the running triathalons which is SO AMAZING). -- but it would never do him justice - and everyone who knows him would agree whole-heartedly.

All I can really say is that he is my bunny and I love him more than dinosaurs. Thanks for showing me what true love is all about.



Day 2...

Saturday, November 10, 2007
Of glued to the bed sickness.

I lie, tho really - because I did get up once to go for an hour-long walk to pick up thera-flu and more movies, and then again to check out a friends band -- tho I had to leave 30 minutes in because I felt like I was going to pass out. I, of course, was punished for even trying because upon using a public restroom, I was reminded that the worst possible feeling you can ever have is the minute after you realize you've just sat down in someone else's urine.

But the early-in gave me a chance to catch up on gossip/news, which I never really get to do anymore because I'm too busy.

Had to read up on the writer's strike right now (so sad) because if, in fact the execs don't come to their senses and just pay them justly --- you know the only type of television that will survive is Reality TV - and man, that would make me so depressed... I sort of wish I was a writer full time right now to be part of that. And after reading this -- wish I was working for Ellen.

Anyway - I'm multitasking and taking in a movie as well...My freaking dvd player is playing with subtitles. I don't need to see that "Hello!" means "Hola!" en espanol.
I'm pissed - but i'm also too lazy to get up and change the settings. My cats express the same sentiments, and sadly, they don't have opposable thumbs.

This is all a load of crap. All i know is I slept 12 hours last night and did nothing today and still have damn dark circles under my eyes and I still feel of the same caliber that I have all week. My sinus's can kiss my ass.

Good news tho. In numerology - 9 = closure / the ending and severing of things.
(2007 ... 2+0+0+7)
So if any of you have been having as rough of a year as myself - there's your answer.

But next year starts back at 1 (2+0+0+8=1+0=1)- new beginnings - expanding on new ideas.. wonderfulness.
So i've given up men the rest of the year in hopes that numerology will work in my favor in 2008.
Single suits me anyway.



New Theater Release Day - Special Edition

Friday, November 9, 2007
Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!!!! All Prais ALLAH! HORRORFEST STARTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!
For all of you not in Denver - go to HorrorFest.com for movie listings and times. For Denverites, here is where these movies will be playing all week (Nov 9 - 18). Check at Denver Movie Times for times:

AMC HIGHLAND RANCH 24 in Highlands Ranch
LAKEWOOD BEL MAR 16 in Lakewood
AMC WESTMINSTER 24 in Westminster

If you're in Denver and like scary movies - then get ON IT and check out these films that were deemed to scary for regular release (click to see trailer / get synopsis):

The Death of Ian Stone
Nightmare Man
Crazy Eights
Mulberry Street
Tooth and Nail
Lake Dead

Everyone else that's too scared - here are your regular releases.

Click Here for Trailer

Fred Claus:
Key Players: Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Miranda Richardson, Rachel Weisz, Cathy Bates
Tag Line: Santa's Brother is coming to town
The Jist: Fred Clause, Santa's bitter older brother, is forced to move to the North Pole.
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Ok. I get it. Let's look at this whole Santa Clause thing from a new perspective. But who doesn't love Santa? And who won't be surprised that this movie ends up being a touching tail of two brothers who overcome their difference and embrace the things that made them seperate? I'm sorry... but you'll never be able to top Elf. Ever... and to Rachel Weisz - what the F were you thinking?!

I Could Never Be Your Woman (limited):
Key Players: Michele Pfeiffer, Paul Rudd, Sarah Alexander, Stacey Dash
Tag Line: Find Yourself. In Love
The Jist: Mom falls in love with older guy - while watching her daughter fall in love for the first time...
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: First thing that pops into my head: THIS sweet ass song from the 90s. But for serious - This sounds dumb - but i bet it ends up being something I Netflix and secretly fall in love with.

Lions for Lambs :
Key Players: Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise
Tag Line: If you don't STAND for something, you might FALL for anything.
The Jist: After two determined students at West Coast University follow the inspiration of the idealistic professor (Redford) and attempt to do something important with their lives (join the war).
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Umm.. YES! This looks awesome. Dark. Political. A whole bunch of twistedness that will mess with your moral decision making skills for two hours. :)

No Country for Old Men (limited):
Key Players: Tomy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson
Tag Line: There are No Clean Getaways
The Jist: Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon some dead bodies, a stash of heroin and more than $2mm in cash near the Rio Grande.
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: Hmm... Supposed to be really great. Looks a little odd - backwoods odd. It's probably going to be good... :)

P2 :
Key Players: Wes Bently, Rachel Nichols
Tag Line: A new level of fear
The Jist: A business woman is pursued by a psychopath after being locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve.
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: You would think after this year - I would stray away from this kind of film - but ooooooh snaps. I may have to squeeze this into my HorrorFest Week :)

Southland Tales:
Key Players: Sean William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore, Kevin Smith
Tag Line:Have a nice Apocalypse.
The Jist: Set in futuristic landscape of LA on July 4, 2008 - as it stands on the brink of social economic and environmental disaster.
Yay, Nay or Rental Play?: This sounds like it could actually be pretty funny if done cleverly enough. A bunch of people all intertwined that probable end up in the same situation at the end (Apocolypse, right). But - hard to call... you have Stiffler and Buffy - but also Kevin Smith. It'd be worth at least checking out



The Magazine Debate

Thursday, November 8, 2007
A friend of mine had posted this last night and as always, I laugh - because Liz is freaking funny.

After I took the time to fully read through - I surprisingly couldn't shut up on my response. Since today is Fashion Conscious Thursday - all of this is fitting:

I can see where you are going with this, however... it's not fair to discount all of the magazines that have tried to do what you are talking about - (Oprah, Self, Shape, Marie Claire, Jane - which went under) without acknowledging that they all started out how you say, and eventually had to adjust to fit the market of which they are targeting.

Orprah will always be huge because.. hello, it's oprah. I think that takes care of all of the middle aged chicks that love food (Rachel Ray), analyzing people (Dr. Phil) interior design (hooray! - that gay guy that is awesome who's name I can't remember), and any of us who like crying at Halmark commercials once in awhile.

Then you have Working Woman - who tailors to people like you and me that are independent lasses that work our tails off to get a leg up in our company. Most photo content in here is general - run of the mill crap that really isn't all that offensive.

You also can't forget (regarding Settled) Working Mother - which I actually get in the mail for whatever odd reason. Helpful tips on how to be a mom and a wife and all that stuff.

There are also magazines like, hmm.... W, Elle, Vogue, etc. where most of your pencil thin waifs reside because they are high fashion magazines - targeted at high fashion individuals, or those interested in (wait for it...) HIGH FASHION. Who wears high fashion? Models. Who displays the product on runway and billboard? Models. It amazes me that people get offended by this because most high fashion designers are gay men - they pick their models accordingly: women that have no boobs, butt, curves because who do they sort of resemble with body types as such? YOUNG MEN/BOYS. So why are we trying to be cute for gay men, again?

Magazines like Cosmo - i'm surprised they still sell - but I guess that's easy to observe when it's tailored toward insecure females that complain about being fat when they're not - or can't stand to be alone even for a day at a time without having some dumb idiot man to walk beside them (in which case, your sample articles you have listed before could be extremely plausable!).

Cosmo does recycle articles. I used to buy this magazine every month in high school and when I compared a 2000 issue to one in 1996, I noticed the repetitiveness. Same Article, one new tip, different photo. COME ON.

I guess my main point is that magazines don't really force anyone to look at the advertizements/models/articles. We've kind of forced them into advertising that way.

Magazines out there like what you're talking about do exist - you just never hear about them because the general public isn't obsessed with average looking women (those girls watch Tyra religiously, because Tyra's a big girl now and won't shut the F up about how she is the way she is, and how she got there, and how great she is and literally HOLDS PARADES for "SO WHAT! - I'M a SIZE 18 and I DON"T HAVE A WEAVE!" I'm not kidding). I"ve never had a guy come up to me and say "I want to date you. You look soooo average!" Nor do I ever make an attempt to look beautiful just to have my friends say, "You look ok today."

We're obsessed with perfection and judging people when they don't meet our own individual standard. That's why Magazines like US have specific sections on "When Bad Clothes happen to good People" and "They're Just Like Us!" because we like to relate.

Reality shows are perfect because the pretty people with psychological problems are cast on every damn show so we can think them perfect at first, only to be happy we don't look like them because someone that looks like that is so messed up in the head.

I may have to put this on my blog my response was so long hahahaha. Good post, Liz.




Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Proof that someone likes my singing :)

Which is why, of course he has his own song!

Music To My Ears!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
I seriously polished off a 32 ounce box of Cookies and Cream (Light/LowFat) Ice cream in 3 days and Lost 3 pounds. Go Lien Genes!

It's a very light week on new music as well - so here we go (albiet very late!)

Dust Galaxy (Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation) - Dust Galaxy:
Psychedelic / Funk / Electronica
Surprisingly not horrible. I heard Phish for some reason - and we all know how much I love Phish. I guess when paired with Psychedelic and Electronica, Dub is better thank Funk.... Stick to Thievery Corp.

Wyclef Jean - The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant
Hip Hop / R&B / Reggae
It's Wyclef. Need you Ask? He had me at Gone Til' November. He remains consistently delicious with every album. So yeah - you should listen - and yes you should like it. Done and.... DONE.

Alicia Keys - As I Am
R&B / Soul / Blues
I think this is slated for release in America next tuesday (11/13) but i have it on my list now - so i guess you get a week's early bird start. I Can't remember why I don't like her - but I don't for some reason or another --- I think it's more a personality thing that her music tho. Strong R&B beats - killer voice. Hell, I even like her new duet with John Mayer - I wouldn't actively go out and buy this tho because she irritates me. Go figure...

Sigur Ros - Hvarf/Heim
Yessssssssss. Sigur Ros = SOOO GOOD. I started listening back my sophomore year of college. Hello! Singing with sound. Kind of gives you room to interpret your own way and insert whatever words you think might fit. I have to imagine little icelandic children everywhere are cooing as they fall asleep to this beautiful music. Think... the most relaxing sound you've ever heard - stretched out on a sleeping bag on the floor under christmas lights. I'm sure most of you have heard of this --- if not - check them out. I promise you wil like.



Bizarre... but Working

Monday, November 5, 2007
I've been doing accupuncture for the last two months because I couldn't find anything else to help my headaches (if you want a recomendation ask me - they're CHEAP and awesome x 12). This is working - but I still have a setback once in awhile.

Normally, my girl can get rid of the headache on the spot. Today - I wasn't so lucky - So She punched in a few of these:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No. Those aren't ugly warts. They're mini tacks with a bandaid sticky top - the pushes into your acupressure points for headaches. I walked through Target pressing on them non-stop. I think everyone who passed was wondering what the hell my OCD was...

That being said - I guess you leave them on for a few days. I had a few on my feet as well but they busted off the minute I stood up.... berry sad.

But I do have a new space heater (yessssssss). And I'd love to share with you all that it is officially Christmas at Target (double YESSSSSSSS) - I almost bought flannel Snowmen sheets :) Oooh fur cute.



Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (?)

Sunday, November 4, 2007
I've already proven that not true.

But.... I do miss writing here every day these past few weeks. But I've been just so busy that when I find a little time to myself, I dont' find myself wanting to camp out on the computer -- tho I have been intaking a lot of flicks. I should probably be paying a lot more attention to the 9th Gate right now...

Last week was crummy - for several reasons. But one did just clear up - and that's because my bunny (brother) was released from the hospital today after 11 days in (3rd time in the last 2 months) Go bunny, go! Hoorah because his birthday is next sunday I'm not really in support of him spending a celebratory day in Pediatrics.

Just having lots of fun and working a BUNCH and being productive and loving it. Lots to share, and I"ll get back to a more regular schedule hopefully starting... tomorrow. :)

Also - I've been circulating some news around with a friends and realizing that 2007 has been quite the trying year for a number of people. Year of the... Pig, is it? Or the Rat? I'd believe Rat... Such a tough yet rewarding year. I'm sure you'll get the rundown on that when 2008 hits. I"m glad I started this one out by Flying a plane - but I'll be happy to ring 2007 the HELL Out of here and start fresh two months from now. What's your sob story for the year? I know you have something serious... that you hopefully grew from - exponentially :) haha. I have about 7... but like I said - for another day.

More personal stuff tomorrow. Sorry to be quick and vague - but I'm falling asleep here...



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