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The Bye Bye, Birdy Philosophy on Love

Saturday, February 27, 2010
"how lovely to be a woman.
and have one job to do
to pick out a boy and train him
and then when you are through
you've made him the man you want him to be
how lovely to be a woman like me."


Thank you, Jesse

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite cd...

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

Three Cheers for Obectification!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I actually shook my tatas at a radio rep who was playing this while i exited my car to pick up lunch the other day...

Men need a sexy way to express that they think with their crotch a lot of the time.
"Am I full of myself to want you full of me...?"

Hell, women are hot, and you might as well recognize.

You can bet I'm probably working out a burlesque/hula hoop routine in pretty clothes to this as you read along...


I'm planning a trip and on my trip, I'm taking...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
A smile, a sense of self and a viable escape from my very hectic schedule. It's just mandatory these days - I'm shooting for one trip a month this year.

So, although work continues, I have a break in school coming up March 20-27th, so I am considering a few locations:

1. boston
i have wanted to visit bean town since, oh... forever. i've come close a number of times, but always ended up in proximity instead (DC, NYC, Baltimore, Burlington, Philly <3). I tried to convince my mom to go with me around halloween a few years ago so that we could check out the sites and also rent a jeepy and check out all the small towns in the vicinity - very gilmore girls (don't judge me). instead, we went to napa, which just meant lots of alcohol... and mom is especially phenomenal with a little vino in her system - win/win.

pros: favorite hotel chain is cheap and central city (would be amazing like my seattle/new years trip)
lots of walk-time
historical aspects
east-coast boys. i can't put my finger on it, but they have a 'look' to them... and i kind of enjoy the view.

cons: cold (but hey, scarves are my staple)
miss out on autumn or spring
not christmas... kind of planned with a friend of mine, and it'd be WONDERFUL to get a sense of the city when people
finally find an excuse to be kind.

2. savannah, ga.
readingin the garden of good and evil definitely sealed my interest. old-school, classy, plantations... BY the water (an ocean fix is mandatory for me at LEAST once a year). Also, quality food... (which i guess i've never really loved creole-style - too greasy, fatty - but i suppose if you get it from the source, it's bound to be good). Also, Tybee Island, dolphin watching, and what I would hope to be a day or two of bike riding... i love my bike rides by the water.... especially on islands

pros: free roundtrip airline ticket - courtesy my traveling sports-photography father
new adventure
warm weather break (i think, at least...)
small-town feel... i ran into some natives while skiing one day and they had a lot of good things to say

cons: are there any? i fear a place to stay may be pretty spendy - tho it is the weekend after their giant st. patricks day
blowout, so rates may actually be fairly reasonable
i think maybe this is a trip i'd like to experience with someone - maybe if i can talk someone into going with me, it'd
make this a definite option

3. Steamboat Springs, CO
I love my skiing - blow out 4,000-7,000 calories in a full-day of skiing, justify the fatty burger and beer by the fire....

pros: exercise, exercise, exercise - blowing off all stress/steam in the most awesome way possible.
mountain men... i keep trying to like the clean cut boys, and yes, you are all beautiful, but MAN I love a scruffy beard,
messy hair and a warm shirt to cuddle into.
hot baths and bed time after a hard day of skiing.
having my car, and being somewhat near home (2 1/2 hours) should something happen

cons: expensive - i can't imagine hotel costs.. i wish i had a hookup
for some reason, i fear this trip would be extremely lonely. i LOVE my solo ski days. Just me and my ipod, but i think at
the end of the day, I'd want to curl up with a handsome man and ... i don't have one.

4. (other option).
I definitely want to stay in the country, since i'll be going to London + another country in May/June (still deciding on that, as well) - and am open to options. If you have any suggestions e-mail me. I'm all ears. Better yet, if you want to trip with me, then please, insert yourself into this equation.

Totally Boss

Sunday, February 21, 2010
I haven't showered since Friday evening. I've also not changed out of my pajamas since that shower. I have however:
had two pizza and cake nights in a row with mom and Jake
made one really big wish on my 28 candles
had my computer die so I can't do anymore homework (yesss)
had some very candid conversation with mom (and laughed til I couldn't breath)
goNe for a five mile walk, also laughing to tears due to mom's recollection of her father's army cadences, then skipping to them in her brown, fuzzy jacket (think dancing Teddy bear)
sit on my bathroom floor to paint my toes red with mom.

Unfortunately, dad caught the flu and stayed in bed all weekend, but got tons of face time with the puppies, my sweet, sweet bunny and mambo. Perfection.


Saturday, February 20, 2010
Favorite Day of the Year :)

28... enter, saturn return.... oooooooh shit.

How Convenient

Thursday, February 18, 2010
While packing for my weekend trip, I reached for a ziplock bag for all of my vitamins and accidently knocked over a tube of white glitter at the front of the cabinet. After the cap flew off, the glitter exploded not only all over my kitchen, but conveniently onto my cleavage and down my shirt. My breasts were glistening, and I"m pretty sure had I had a line of very important men in front of me, I could have negotiated anything in my favor.

This is all very ironic as a friend had just dubbed my walkie talkie code name as Cupcake Glitterbomb. And so... I have been christened.

Because Talk is Cheap

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
I just pulled my iHome off from it's counter place, set it on the floor and swiveled the volume to maximum capacity, making sure to flip the extra bass feature to the "on" position.

I had to think... who, on my ipod has a lot of drums, bass and LOTS and LOTS of cymbal work?

So I clicked onto The White Stripes, put on my heels and started dancing.

I think maybe my neighbors got the point because i swear they turned down their music. If not, then, I guess I'm just going to have to get bigger speakers. ;)

Driving Thoughts

Monday, February 15, 2010
What pops into your head when you're drifting off to sleep? Driving in the car with the volume at notch 24?
My mind always goes back to the same place.

Most feelings are driven by whatever random song comes through the speakers. It baffles me how the mind wanders-how some people will always hold a big piece of my heart and how others are so easily swept clear of stagnant emotions...

i can never decide if i'm fond, hurt, frustrated, hopeful, jealous, angry, blissfully happy - but i guess with matters of the heart, you never have that definitive answer. i'm fine without reason. but the heart wants what it wants and i'm at a loss to try and explain that it's going to need to pick something different.

This is not about Valentimes Day

Sunday, February 14, 2010
It's about the longest fat day in the history of the world (2 weeks, now).

i need a man to come to me and hold me. show me he loves me with his hands, not his words. show me i have worth, allure, sexiness, appeal. i feel none of these things.

Things you find in the toilet.

Chrissie and I went over to Cherry Cricket for a drink or nine and to catch up.

On our little trip to the bathroom, i headed straight for the open stall and nearly vearred away when i noticed something floating in the toilet. Gross, right?

negative. the floater was a shiny little iphone. i'm concocting one of three causes:

1. drunk bitch
2. drunk bitch angry at boyfriend
3. drunk bitch ate some crazy shit!

I'm hoping it has the ability to restart one of these days and also that i may find something interesting... if not, i have a $400 useless piece of technology in my bag. awww crap.

to be continued.


Friday, February 12, 2010
Today I got so upset I nearly threw up. I can honestly say that's never happened before.

I did, however:
scream in my car
cry til it hurt
shake profusely
shake my fist in the air
punch the interior of my car a few times
have a panic attack
kick out so much adrenaline I threw out some serious pit sweat.

And to think that the real tipping point after a week of being absolutley on edge, was a box of dinosaur cookies.

Iiiiiiiim tiiiiiiiiired!


Thursday, February 11, 2010
How can I have fleeting moments of complete understanding (clarity) on everything big and small, only to have it all lost when I try to open my mouth to explain it? I can't capture shit...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010
this is sissy spacek's daughter, schuyler fisk.
this clip is from one of those movies i'd not otherwise watch except that instant-view on netflix recommended it, and i had a day of horizontal bliss, so i thot, hey... why not. subpar movie, but this song caught my attention... and excuse the super glossy film set-up of the video, but i like this version so much more than the album. apparently she wrote this with blu sanders - love him.

one day i will stop expressing my feelings through only other people's art and actually post something of my own... no... really. that or just come to my bedroom and i'll serenade you.

from where i'm standing, you're the quiet side of the room...


Finally, after six years...

Monday, February 8, 2010

i finally made myself a pwetty little scawf.

favorite thing #8

Saturday, February 6, 2010
the feeling you get in a moment when everything you've done, everywhere you've gone and everyone you've met (even if it never quite seemed to fit) has led you so perfectly to exactly the place you're standing.

And... My Life just Improved 10fold

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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