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Full Circle

Monday, July 18, 2011
I'm feeling oddly like I've circled around to about 8-10 years ago. Music-wise, life-wise, style-wise, people-in-my-life wise. I'm having particular experiences that remind me of being in college and it's hard to explain why, but it's not really reminiscing in unhealthy nostalgia or feeling stuck in the past... it's just like... I've developed this life that I love, and brought back all of the things that are of key importance to me.

Seems appropriate in the last year of my twenties.

Life is good.

In a totally unrelated issue... these songs are good, too. :) Enjoy!

Matt Nathanson - Kiss Quick (lyrics) - I could probably post a song a day from Matt's new album... that's how good it is. I'm noticing a lot of influences from current and 80s music. Chords and such. But his lyrics, as always, are spot on. I think maybe in the business perspective, if Matt had a competitive advantage - it would be the ability to write love songs from a girls perspective. Who knows how - but the songs are all the more effective because of it. It's always been refreshing to not here a guy bitch about a girl leaving him - because you know it was for good reason. :)

The chorus is perfection: "Kiss quick, I've got a line out the door, who all think they can save me. One by one they lay the world at my feet, one by one they drive me crazy. Shut your mouth and pull me out before it all goes gray. One by one they lay the world at my feet, one by one they go away..."

Cold War Kids - Skip the Charades (lyrics) - just perfection... I think they're coming to Denver next month. Since i've missed them every other time, and because i'll be finished with school and will actually have a life again - i think i might go! who's in?

And you know, maybe to tie it all back in, Aerosmith - Full Circle (lyrics)

I listened to Nine Lives when I was home last and forgot how crucial that album was in shaping my teenage years. I can't believe I excluded Mr. Tyler and Perry from my 30-days song list. LOVE Aerosmith so so so much. Hell, I am an Aero-force one certified Member. :) I've driven across states to see them in concert. Dorky, huh? :)


What an Incredible Day...

Saturday, July 16, 2011
I got up at 9am for a conference call and then worked on... everything today. Work. School. Home. Four loads of laundry. Cleaned/organized every nook and cranny in the house. It is true, that once you start, you just keep going (or at least I do).

When I was in Larry Crowne, the idea to create a Closet Office came to me. Once I had a picture of what I thought I could create, I had to do it. Plus... Working from home, it's lovely to have an official space to work in.

So, I went to home depot today, and bought paint (Egyptian Nile - guess that color), wood, cinder blocks (what a bitch) flowers, and then walmart at midnight (after I had finished piecing everything together) to get a few nicknacks for office things. Total? I think I spent around $83 dollars. But it looks like a viable, beautiful space. That i want to sit at. For hours.

It seems that a number of things in my house have been waiting for me to create this space because everything just fits in... so... nicely. This came together really effortlessly. The exact measurements I needed were available. The exact pieces. The color, everything. I don't know how I got so lucky. Maybe it's planning, or maybe I just have gotten better at visualizing a realistic outcome... It used to take me 2-3 tries to get things right.

Not only that, but it expands on my original idea of having my tv in my closet for movies. Now i have everything hooked up so my computer connects directly to my big screen sony, and I can use it as a computer monitor (hello photoshop work!) as well as watch movies on netflix in bed on a normal-sized screen, instead of curled up to the glow of my 17-inch macbook.

Funny how I have a two-bedroom apartment, and the second room is a closet and my bedroom closet is, in a sense, a room. But the best part of the office? I can close it off like it doesn't exist whenever I want to. You would never be the wiser. :)

It turned out just as I hoped. And it's my favorite aesthetic - pretty, but functional - and the perfect mix of male and female.


This modern love is just a taco truck.

Sunday, July 10, 2011
This sums it up perfectly. i love matt. so. much. thank you for somehow understanding exactly how all the good girls feel.

at the precipice of really having no f*@(ing idea what i want anymore, i'm just going to sing this loud and fuhgetabout it. take the drama, cause baby it's worthless.

she said this talking
kind of wears me out
and all these salesmen
baby, make me tired

they're no good, to tell you the truth, she said
I've been getting used to lying

they send me love songs, with store bought words
they make me promises, like politicians

we stumble
and disconnect
over and over again

this modern love is not enough
she said, watch your back
I'm nobodies girlfriend
this modern love is not enough
oh oh oh oh oh oh
They said one big exhale never did me no, good

I'd let em in, I
Oh man, I'd let em win
I'd burn my house down
just to hear them scream my name
I've carried hope
and heavy daydreams she said
but I'm done with sleeping

take the phone calls
take this circus
take the drama, cause baby it's worthless

this modern love is not enough
she said, watch your back
I'm nobodies girlfriend
this modern love is not enough
oh oh oh oh oh oh
They said one big exhale never did me no, good
one big exhale never did me no good

and the bright light shines
and we ache and we break and we try
stage light shines
and they blind our eyes
to it all
still we ache and we break and we just can't get it right

this modern love is not enough
she said, watch your back
I'm nobodies girlfriend
this modern love is not enough
oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh this modern love is just a taco truck
come on take the phone calls
I'll take the silence

this modern love is not enough
oh oh oh oh oh
one big exhale never did me no good
one exhale
one big exhale
yeah one exhale never did me no good
never did me no good 

Needle Can't Burn (what the needle can't find)

Friday, July 8, 2011
What's he say? It's not my style. Just a stylized version of an obsolete file.
*I knew it was genius to rebuy Rock Crown. 7mary3 is so effing good.


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