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Full Circle

Monday, July 18, 2011
I'm feeling oddly like I've circled around to about 8-10 years ago. Music-wise, life-wise, style-wise, people-in-my-life wise. I'm having particular experiences that remind me of being in college and it's hard to explain why, but it's not really reminiscing in unhealthy nostalgia or feeling stuck in the past... it's just like... I've developed this life that I love, and brought back all of the things that are of key importance to me.

Seems appropriate in the last year of my twenties.

Life is good.

In a totally unrelated issue... these songs are good, too. :) Enjoy!

Matt Nathanson - Kiss Quick (lyrics) - I could probably post a song a day from Matt's new album... that's how good it is. I'm noticing a lot of influences from current and 80s music. Chords and such. But his lyrics, as always, are spot on. I think maybe in the business perspective, if Matt had a competitive advantage - it would be the ability to write love songs from a girls perspective. Who knows how - but the songs are all the more effective because of it. It's always been refreshing to not here a guy bitch about a girl leaving him - because you know it was for good reason. :)

The chorus is perfection: "Kiss quick, I've got a line out the door, who all think they can save me. One by one they lay the world at my feet, one by one they drive me crazy. Shut your mouth and pull me out before it all goes gray. One by one they lay the world at my feet, one by one they go away..."

Cold War Kids - Skip the Charades (lyrics) - just perfection... I think they're coming to Denver next month. Since i've missed them every other time, and because i'll be finished with school and will actually have a life again - i think i might go! who's in?

And you know, maybe to tie it all back in, Aerosmith - Full Circle (lyrics)

I listened to Nine Lives when I was home last and forgot how crucial that album was in shaping my teenage years. I can't believe I excluded Mr. Tyler and Perry from my 30-days song list. LOVE Aerosmith so so so much. Hell, I am an Aero-force one certified Member. :) I've driven across states to see them in concert. Dorky, huh? :)


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