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Madame, Bella, gorgeous, princess

Monday, May 31, 2010
The men here in London know how to treat a girl like a lady. I appreciate the sweet pet names muchly :)

Out in shoreditch... Realizing that a
Mozerella, pesto and tomato sandwich is really just a few pieces of pizza lobbed together.

But, I suppose it doesn't matter, as I'm off down the Thames to the o2 to dance with gaga for the evening.

I'm on a mission... :)


Saturday, May 29, 2010
What an absolute whirlwind, these last few weeks.

I have:
a book full of knowledge from some pretty incredible speakers and sight sees.
a few new, wonderful friends
a regained love of reading
throbbing, calloused feet
swollen everything (god, i feel fat... and dehydrated)

feeling complacent. looking forward to some time to myself here in england, some foot soaks in my hotel room this week, vapid television and you know, maybe no more bread or cheese for awhile...

oh yeah, free toilet paper, too.

(i've got some gems this trip. i look forward to sharing my photos with you when i get back home. whenever that is).



Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I am so bloated in London. Funny, considering great britains lack of salt on anything and the fact that I've been living off of salads and tea and walking an easy 10-12 miles a day. Why do I feel so fat? Scratch that...when did I get so fat?

I wish the self depricating years would come to a close already and I could stop questioning every move I make, feeling that arises and outfit I thought would be an excellent idea but wince when I catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window. I'm sitting somewhere between eliminating all carbs and sugar indefinitely and just saying 'fuck it,' and basking in the reality that it is what it is, and as soon as I accept myself, someone else will, too. Because, really life is too short not to enjoy it. All of it. Especially dessert.

This whole body thing has always been an issue but never so time-consuming as now. I feel like I turned 28 and everything turned to shit. I walk around singing my friend's lyric..." maybe if I were skinny, or really pretty" and how ridiculous. It's not the answer, and even if I got to where I wanted, I still wouldn't be happy.

What...a bitch these inner dialogues. Shut the hell up already! I'm bored with you.


Secret Option #4

Monday, May 10, 2010
The Dingle Peninsula... quiet, lovely. horseback riding, surfing, swimming with dolphins, traditional irish music. ocean. hiking, biking. 4 days. by... myself. doing it. :) goin' back to ireland, baby.


Decisions, Decisions

Sunday, May 9, 2010
It's getting down to the gun, and I am still trying to decide where the heck to spend my 4 extra days in Europe. So... please, if you have input - help me. Here's what I've narrowed it down to... (excusing, sadly, spain - as with the current situation in Greece expected to move to Spain/Portugal following, I'll probably skip to be safe. Plus.... you just need more time there than 4 days!)

In no particular order:

Brighton, UK: I get my ocean, smaller town, and the convenience of a short 50 minute train ride to this locale. Think long beach lined with smooth stones (sadly, no sand casltles), an old pier with carnival and stripey changing huts and sun chairs (like chitty chitty bang bang :))
Places to stay are fairly cheap, and it gets me to the ocean, which i'm seriously craving. Seems like the least-stress option, and additionally, since I"ll be studying music anyway, may be neat to go here since this is where all the london punk scene used to spend their summer vacays.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Aside from all the mmj fan-talk that usually goes along with the name, I've heard this city boasts amazing food, canal systems, and one of my favorites - lots of bike riding through the city. It'd be wonderful to experience another country and go exploring myself... I think i can find a decent hotel for the week, or even going scant, still get a private hostel room. I also hear the people are beyond pleasant.

Kilarny (Ring of Kerry), Ireland --- Although I've already been to ireland, I never made it down to county Kerry, which was of big appeal. I still dream about my time spent on Inishmore and in Doolin --- I think I need some small -town appeal, and the benefit of Kilarny is the Ring of Kerry... most hostels allow bike rentals, so I could see this all on foot, stopping at ocean-side towns to eat at pubs, meet the different people. Riding through Irish countryside is definitely striking me right now.

Somewhere else...? Anyone???

Seriously, would appreciate your input. E-mail me if you have suggestions. Thank you!

Don't wanna know why

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't wanna know why you like me I don't care
Don't wanna know why I walk by and you stare
Don't wanna know why just to wanna know why
Don't wanna know why just to wanna know why

When I... breathe in, breathe out.
Carry on, carry out.
Try to... drive through your life
Breathe in, breathe out.
Carry on, carry out.
Try to... never say goodbye

Don't wanna know how you're feeling I don't care
Don't wanna know when you'll meet me I'm not there
Don't wanna know why just to wanna know why
Don't wanna know why just to wanna know why

When I... breathe in, breathe out.
Carry on, carry out.
Try to... drive through your life
Breathe in, breathe out.
Carry on, carry out.
Try to... never say goodbye

I wish I knew
How to tell you
How to tell me why

London Schedule

Here's a breakdown of everything I will be doing within my Global Sports & Entertainment Program over the next two weeks. Adding in a little fun in the week following, as well, and lucky for me, two of my good girlfriends will be in London over the course of the class! :)

Back in the states June 6th, and back to school on the 7th...

Monday, May 17th
Arsenal Emirates Stadium Tour

Alan Ferguson/Molson Coors Sports Sponsorship (Lecture)

Tuesday, May 18th
Brit Oval Cricket Lecture and Surrey Cricket Match

Wednesday, May 19th
7:30pm: Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre

Thursday, May 20th
9-11am: BT Olympic Sponsorship
Meeting with the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee

Thursday, May 20th-Saturday May 22nd
Liverpool, England - Sound City Conference

Sunday, May 23rd
Rugby Sevens Tournament @ Twickenham

Monday, May 24th
Theater Lecture at London School of Economics and Political Science

2:30pm Wimbeldom tour and lecture

Tuesday, May 25th
O2 Lecture and Tour

British Music Experience @ The O2

Wednesday, May 26th

Department for Culture, Media and Sport @ Westminster

Thursday, May 27th
BBC Lecture at London School of Economics and Political Science


Friday, May 28th
British Film Institute Lecture & Mediateque (This is the Film Institutes Film Library)

Saturday, May 29th
Trooping the Colour Practice for Queen's Birthday



Wednesday, May 5, 2010
The load of school is lightening, and so is my mood. Making plans for my solo time in London as well as... Spain, the French riviera (yay sun, beach and oooocean), Amsterdam (biking, canals, museums) or if I get really cheap/lazy ... Brighton for a charming pier and... Ocean. I am totally splurging on my own room this round. It's well deserved after the last four months.

Still looking...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Always compelled to find that first love of mine. Why did hotmail wipe out any records I had? Why is he completely untracable...? All I have are some lovely seven-page love letters from England. You know, I'll be there shortly and Id love to see you...

Where are you? Show up already. I miss that cute face.

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