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Dining Out Alone

Sunday, January 30, 2011
I decided to get pho after seeing a movie and came armed with some magazines to catch up on some popular culture. the waiter has been hovering over me and a table next to me offered me their dessert.

Im not pathetic and lonely. Im just hungry and in the vascinity. I PROMISE.

Unfortunately i was placed next to two yuppy suburban moms who apparently have too much time to sit and chat about what designer goods to donate to upscale charity marts (these exhist?) and why going to hawaii is such a terrible idea because it's "two wasted vacation days. TWO WASTED DAYS!" Who can one up the other on where they will vacation for the summer?

"we're going to disney land in june."
"oh, well WE"RE going to disney world."

Really? i hope this is never me.

dance, dance.

i went dancing tonight. not sure why i don't do it more often. i ended up in the drag dj booth to have him/her play a katy perry song for my friend for his birthday, and bitch was a bitch. friend stuck up for me. drag dj came and apologized me, kissed me on the cheek and told me he/she loved me. all is well in my life.

i really just have moments where i feel like, 'man, my life fucking rules.' tonight was a good reminder.

this song is my new heaven... (along with a little slice of curtis. and sheila).


Hummmmm... what's that clicking?

Thursday, January 27, 2011
The title has nothing to do with anything, except for that it's a hilarious inside joke.
This is a little bit of a hodge podge of thoughts, because when my internship basically requires me to sit in front of the computer and take notes on a four-hour radio show (for now), i have a lot of computer time. And so I have three things to touch base on:

1. I checked back on an e-mail I wrote to someone six months ago, but never sent. Usually my thoughts change and I have edits, but it so perfectly summarizes how i felt, and how i still feel, and despite this, i still don't feel compelled to send it. I don't think I ever will be. It's just going to sit there... and remind me that i'm smart. and pretty.

2. slow motion really really really REALLY sucks (but, it's probably an excellent thing). This is applicable to two things in my life right now. one, i care not to discuss. the other is the twelve step process of feelings you go through to get over a terrible experience. Regarding one thing, I have just entered into anger. I wish bad feelings and experiences on someone. Then reason that what I'm wishing probably isn't far off from their current experience (and also evidence that when i wish bad things, they really aren't all that bad). Then I blow off any kind of thought I gave to the matter at all. Make sense? no? Oh... well, I won't go into the details on that, either, but just know that I'm hoping 'indifference' isn't too horribly far off, because i'd rather waste not one calorie on this than one or two in the 20 seconds I spend damning their existence.

3. I haven't heard a "your mama's so fat" joke in AGES, and i stumbled upon one this afternoon that sent me in to laughing hysterics. Warning: It's only funny if you are at all familiar with Harry Potter:

"You're Mama's So Fat, The sorting hat sorted her into the House of Pancakes."

To that, I bid you adieu to go spend some qt with a giant table of friends at a local jazz club. I hope you're laughing. I still am.

back in the saddle....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

handsome boy modeling school in the house. with an itchy throat from the shaved neck patch where they inserted a catheter at the kitty spital. he's pleased as punch to have lost a pound and type 1 diabetes. hooray for maybird ferguson!



Sunday, January 16, 2011
my sweet little man of the house is in the hospital. maynard had a few seizures tonight, then went into a catatonic state. i wrapped him tightly in a towel and held him like a baby, all while feeling like a terrified little girl. my best girl came over and scooped him up so i could drive him to the emergency room. he was immediately hospitalized and placed on two ivs and oxygen, and is back on a little vet table until tomorrow evening or 7:30am on MLK day (let's hope the former). I love my little bug. it does make me wonder how the hell parents handle this with children...

'oh, i planned on having kids, but then i had this really scary night once with my cat...'


Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Last night, Denver blew around about 12-18 inches of snow.

Lucky for me, I had a solid companion with whom to charge through the weather. While the evening out with friends, new and old, was wonderful, my favorite part of the evening came after stepping into his home, shivering cold. I found a blanket and curled into a ball on the couch, then watched as my company covered me with his jacket and then tucked me into a thick, down comforter. Not 20 minutes later, I was presented two homemade egg and cheese sandwiches to round out the night. Maybe i'm just easy to please, but the little things sure do go a long way... :)

Best Week Ever?

Friday, January 7, 2011
So far, anyway. I love no school - leaves all that time for friends and fun. Top. Notch. Week, and it's not even finished...

Monday...Flew home Monday Evening (taken to the airport by mom and maddie). When I got home, picked up Pho and went straight to Agent Irene Baigent's for some catch-up and planning of a trip to Tennessee.

Tuesday... seriously cleaned house, then headed to Miss Marcia's with Baigent for home-cooked cornish hen, baked squash and safron rice with apples. And, really goood wine, prosecco and truffles. Just the perfect warm-up to spend some quality time with mr. sweetheart.

Wednesday... got pie. acupuncture. groceries. had a last-minute scheduling of a great friend from michigan come stay with me for the night...

Thursday... woke up and walked with my michigan friend for biscuits and two mimosa's. Stocked up on postcards, completed my 1,000 mile walking mission for my 28th year, then headed to a girlfriend's house for vegan curry and a movie. She gave me one of the coolest christmas presents i've ever received, and gave me a preview of a hat she is making me. LOVE.

I love the chance to really connect and be reminded of how absolutely wonderful my friends are and how lucky I am to have them in my life. This weekend is also full of sun and smiles, and more time with the sweetheart. i am a happy, happy girl.


Sunday, January 2, 2011
hooray for cute, considerate, sweetheart, hold-their-own, honest, open, tall nerds. that is all.

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