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And, this sums it all up.

Monday, February 28, 2011
Friday-Sunday were... not great. Luckily, Samisaurus Rex finally left the building this morning. But... up until the point she became extinct, let's just say... this pretty much sums up the past weekend.

On Being a Girl...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I really hate it sometimes. I'm pretty cool-as-a-cucumber as a modern-day variety chick, but sometimes i just can't slow my role. i think i need to scrawl out some kind of inspirational 'chill the f- out' mantra in big, black sharpie on a piece of paper for my fridge. ya know, just a reminder.

i guess two out of every 50 days ain't bad. but, really? even i'm annoyed by me.

On Today's Agenda...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

except for eating york peppermint patties and lounging in the bath... at the same time.

Adele -21

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Out today. Seriously, 22 years old now...love her.



This pretty much sums up how I've always felt.



Thursday, February 17, 2011
So, one thing that's remains consistent (and why I'm going out walking about two hours after I had planned) is my obsession with music videos.

That being said, youtube/vevo has been a good outlet to satiate this desire. So... I often check things out based on what comes through the contract pile at AEGLive, hear something new via the interwebs, NPR World Cafe and All Songs Considered, or a multitude of other avenues (hello, word of mouth) and throw the good stuff on my YouTube Channel's "favorites" list.

If anyone has a similar interest, I've linked my YouTube Channel over there on the left sidebar under, what else?: Music! Here, you'll find my own videos I've uploaded (yes, you can make fun of me hula hooping, or being a nerd in general), or check out the aforementioned "Favorites" Channel for a good stream of music videos while you work, study, clean up around the house or waste valuable time when you could be contributing to the well-being of your surroundings.

Additionally, if you have any good suggestions, e-mail me, please and thank you.
As of late, my ears have been exceptionally hungry for some delicious new snacks.


my little visionboard has already paid off tenfold. sweet sweet sweet sweetness. i love when i get what i ask for. :)

Hold Your Heart.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Monday, February 14, 2011
Can someone tell me how someone who is completely technologically retarded has figured out how to send me e-mails containing a voice recording AND a photo from his phone because he doesn't have any other means of getting ahold of me? How incredibly creepy. Let's count e-mail number four for valentines day - complete with a super uncomfortably lame picture. Gross.

Boozy Friday

Friday, February 11, 2011
This is what I'm doing currently at the Internship...

Kiiiind of lucked out this semester, me thinks. :)

Radio is really a different animal.

get out of my head... and into my heart..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
or i guess into my gut...the root of all things true and intuitive, for me anyway.

i think it key to stay out of thr head when concerning most matters. but, how difficult the task when women are predisposed to operate so often through the brain. my best defense? staying busy... filling the brain with other complex information. sleep. ahhh... sleep, but then those dreams will come back and bite you. hard.

im not sure what im saying here, except that something occurred to me today that maybe i should or shouldnt be concerned about and i cant tell if its (a) nonsense, because by the time i'll get an answer it will be so far in the future and how i feel now will have only been a momentary concern, (b) a strange defense mechanism kicking in for the sole purpose of being difficult or (c) valid, considering the circumstances. i may have to opt for option (a) just to make life more simple and hope i dont end up hurt in a future scenario...

confused? yeah, me, too.


(sh) it just got real...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
i've been being so lax about school the first month that i guess i wasn't really impacted with how much i actually have to do... oooh, honey. i just looked over the syllabus for assignments and realized i should have read and done 20 problems for a second finance chapter tomorrow (woops) and... my financial calculator is stupid. i'd rather use my phone/excel, but can't because of the cheaters out there...

then this negotiations class is killing me. i know i said i like writing better, but this might just completely kick my ass this semester. good thing it's the last one. BLARG! i'm going to have to start buckling down... :( no likey.

I have got to start taking more videos...

Because things like this happen:


oh... so thats how this works...

Friday, February 4, 2011
you spend years and years listening to people explain a universal thing that everyone seems to have experienced. except you, that is.

i think that notion defines 28 for me. i have... 16 days until i flip over to that new number and im really thinking about all of the shifts that have occurred over the last 349 days. i was promised a year of tumultuous change. a hard road. and it was delivered. but in an exceptionally different way than i expected. all of these things have resulted in a more comfortable, happy, giggly me that is surrounded by the same and especially as of late, i feel like ive serendipitously been enveloped in all things sweet and loving. im not sure if its a result of hard work, or karma from past experiences, or some natural progession into a life ive always wanted to manifest for myself...(god, i sound like such a hippie), but i feel lucky. whatever the reason...

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