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My favorite thing...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
No, not a touching post about my 100% wool knit blanket.
Or a tribute to that Oprah issue the lady queen of america does every year.
Or Holiday.
Or living out of a suit case.

My favorite thing (*cough sarcasm*) is that thing that women do when they walk up and say "oooooh my god, I feel so fat/ugly/bloated/wrinkly/insert self-insult here: ______" and women automatically are all, "ooh, stop! you're beautiful!"

no, you stop.
just... stop.

My family is TERRIBLE at this. I can almost predict the exact response i will recieve to any minor put-down that escapes my mouth. Actually, for years, our holiday get-togethers have often felt like a bit of a fashion show. We all dress up to be pretty (i just really love dressing up to be pretty) - and when you walk in, it's almost always a given - somebody will tell you how thin you look.

Even if you have gained 20 freaking pounds.
"Oh my god, I know right! I should eat more piiiiiiie."

Guilty over here. I thought of this not because I feel fat and am fishing for compliments. But because I haven't been sleeping well. I'm convinced this is from rolling my ankle while dancing around my house in a sports bra and sweatpants to justin timberlake a few weeks ago. This, in turn, has messed up my gait, which has REALLY messed up my back. Nothing has gotten better, because i refuse to stop walking/yogaing/dancing at zumba, apparently. Long detour away from the point - I have not slept well because of the back, and I look in the mirror and have the oh-so-gorgeous black and blue under-eyes that  no miracle cream could ever fix.

But, i guarantee you if I walked up to my mom, or a good friend, or anyone that isn't under the age of 8, they'd be all, "ooooh stop! you look beautiful!"

uh....no. not today, sweetie. do you want me to draw you a diagram? We can make it like when people get plastic surgery and then you can play connect the black permanent marker lines into the shape of a pooooony. *whinny*

It's no wonder we have such a hard time accepting compliments. Because we are all taught from a VERY young age to:

1. say aloud the thing we are insecure about, with just a hint of desperation, of course, so as to solicit some kind of response from anyone within ear shot.
2. wait as we anticipate feedback that 'null-and-voids' our self-bashing comment
3. take it in, even though we know it's horse shit
4. somehow feel better. i don't know why. maybe because we for one moment gained power in making someone do what we wanted. yeah... that's it. I CAN CONTROL YOUR MIIIIIIIND!

Not to say that every compliment is loaded and not genuine. But you can tell. And I guess shame on any of us for going through step #1 to make the remainder of those actions happen. I try not to - honestly, when i'm bitching about flaw a or flaw b, it's because that's how i feel, and i'm fully aware, and you are 100% okay to agree with me. For the record though, when the flaw does get better, you're also welcome to tell me how much prettier i look then when i was all broke down and breakin' mirrors. :)

Holy Crow (A sloppy, disorganized post)

Sunday, November 27, 2011
Long time.

Mostly because no one ever writes when everything is honky dorey - or when you're SO ANGRY you're stuffing all of your anger into your jaw and suffering major pain... and you can't express it in a public forum in fears someone will find it.

by the by - if someone can write the owner of www.samijolien.com and tell him to please direct the web address elsewhere, i'd sure appreciate it...

Also - no one writes when shit gets real and you are caught in a cycle of panic and worry and focus on things more important. life's been steady. busy. not all great - but taking things a day at a time, and reaching some bizarre calm zen by going to yoga on a regular basis (3-4x per week).

after being home a week + for the holidays and not going consistently, my attitude is definitely feeling the affects. (effects? fuck - i never remember this).

i'm also vacillating between 'use men like kleenex' and 'men are all mother fuckers.'  i'm not actually sure those don't stem from the same place, but moot point -  i can't decide where i'm at most days, though today - i'm definitely in the latter. it doesn't help when i have to be around it and see all this first hand. i hate that i feel this way. really. but come on, men. cowboy up and stop being such useless babies. pull your weight. accept women are the superior species. drop the ego, apologize once in a while, and stop taking advantage of our kind, compassionate natures. (gross. i sound like such a feminist...)

the trouble here is that i really want to have a baby to place in the front seat of my future jeep,  with my loyal, four-legged canine in the back - but how the fuck am i supposed to tolerate the man i created it with for the rest of my life once that happens?

giant dilema here. babies need a daddy - and a good one. i truly want that for my hypothetical child(s). and i want to look down at my babies and fall in love with their faces - partially because i love their father and the traits he will give them.  but i just can't see how that's supposed to happen right now. i am so pissed. and disappointed. and sick of never being at my best with someone because they always inevitably bring out my worst. i fare better on my own. but... i don't want it that way. what is a girl to do? probably adjust her attitude. why can't i just stomp my heels a bit, and let someone else do alllll the work for a change? I think i will. Ok... i'm back to "use men like kleenex."

no... more like, in kindergarten, and you like someone - so you just beat and tease the living shit out of them on the playground. but that description is too long. so... "playground beatdown," ???

This angry hate phase sucks tho (to all people, not just men). It instantly backfires because i feel like i can't be snotty pants without feeling guilty for how it affects the people around me (how come some people are born with the ability to not care about what people think, when I have to be so painfully opposite?).

Then I am constantly overcompensating for my actions by worrying about how the other person is feeling.
like this...
1. give the chilly santa (for lingo confused: cold shoulder)
2. be short, when someone is being perfectly pleasant
3. storm away in a satisfied, justified huff.
4. sit alone and internalize about how rude i was.
5. wonder if this will hurt all future interactions with person.
6. make a pact to be better, not bitter.
7. go back to person for a 'do over.' will be kind and drop all crappy feelings.
8. get struck with unexplained hate.
9. repeat steps 1-8.

ahhhhh!!!! i can't pull out of it.
sneaky hate spiral, anyone?

whatever. the point is - sweet sami's gone a little rogue. let's hope it's just a phase. i think it should be. i really dont enjoy being this callous. but life sometimes includes doing things you don't enjoy.


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