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My favorite thing...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
No, not a touching post about my 100% wool knit blanket.
Or a tribute to that Oprah issue the lady queen of america does every year.
Or Holiday.
Or living out of a suit case.

My favorite thing (*cough sarcasm*) is that thing that women do when they walk up and say "oooooh my god, I feel so fat/ugly/bloated/wrinkly/insert self-insult here: ______" and women automatically are all, "ooh, stop! you're beautiful!"

no, you stop.
just... stop.

My family is TERRIBLE at this. I can almost predict the exact response i will recieve to any minor put-down that escapes my mouth. Actually, for years, our holiday get-togethers have often felt like a bit of a fashion show. We all dress up to be pretty (i just really love dressing up to be pretty) - and when you walk in, it's almost always a given - somebody will tell you how thin you look.

Even if you have gained 20 freaking pounds.
"Oh my god, I know right! I should eat more piiiiiiie."

Guilty over here. I thought of this not because I feel fat and am fishing for compliments. But because I haven't been sleeping well. I'm convinced this is from rolling my ankle while dancing around my house in a sports bra and sweatpants to justin timberlake a few weeks ago. This, in turn, has messed up my gait, which has REALLY messed up my back. Nothing has gotten better, because i refuse to stop walking/yogaing/dancing at zumba, apparently. Long detour away from the point - I have not slept well because of the back, and I look in the mirror and have the oh-so-gorgeous black and blue under-eyes that  no miracle cream could ever fix.

But, i guarantee you if I walked up to my mom, or a good friend, or anyone that isn't under the age of 8, they'd be all, "ooooh stop! you look beautiful!"

uh....no. not today, sweetie. do you want me to draw you a diagram? We can make it like when people get plastic surgery and then you can play connect the black permanent marker lines into the shape of a pooooony. *whinny*

It's no wonder we have such a hard time accepting compliments. Because we are all taught from a VERY young age to:

1. say aloud the thing we are insecure about, with just a hint of desperation, of course, so as to solicit some kind of response from anyone within ear shot.
2. wait as we anticipate feedback that 'null-and-voids' our self-bashing comment
3. take it in, even though we know it's horse shit
4. somehow feel better. i don't know why. maybe because we for one moment gained power in making someone do what we wanted. yeah... that's it. I CAN CONTROL YOUR MIIIIIIIND!

Not to say that every compliment is loaded and not genuine. But you can tell. And I guess shame on any of us for going through step #1 to make the remainder of those actions happen. I try not to - honestly, when i'm bitching about flaw a or flaw b, it's because that's how i feel, and i'm fully aware, and you are 100% okay to agree with me. For the record though, when the flaw does get better, you're also welcome to tell me how much prettier i look then when i was all broke down and breakin' mirrors. :)

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