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Brave girl

Saturday, October 1, 2011

On account of so many men behaving like cowards out there... I am becoming a bit of an expert at giving myself closure when a guy acts like I am the most shiny object he has ever held in his hand (for months, mind you) then disappears with no regard or respect or consideration for my feelings. I will never understand this. I don't do this to people. Why is it so much to expect that someone else could just return the favor. Pony up - and just be honest rather than hoping things will just eventually smooth over (by the way... calling me in 2-3 months to apologize and redeclare your sentiments is unacceptable). I want an apology now. Now.

So thanks all of you (particularly the most recent who went and picked himself up a new custom-made family and let me find that out through a third party) for hurting me so much while i was all patient and understanding (which im pretty sure is the definition of being loving and unconditional) to just end up feeling like a total FOOL. Acting like this is not okay. Ask anyone.

At least I tried. At least I have positive take-aways to help me learn. At least I can work my heart muscle and (god, hopefully) give it to a brave, deserving man someday.

Enjoy that bed you made. Oh, and please...Never. Contact me. Again.


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I'm Sami Jo From Denver, CO, United States Samantha loves to travel, lose herself in a good book, practice yoga at her favorite local studio, The Yoga Mat, and connect with friends, old and new. Her love of working with creative minds extends into her personal endeavors, as well. She and her husband conduct a project called "Songs For Jake," a music collaboration channel designed with the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. Through her business, Roger Charlie, Samantha focuses on publicity and management, working closely with authors, musicians, and creatives who find value in a more personal approach through communications.
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