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September 2011 is the Month of...

Monday, September 19, 2011
Letting Go. Setting Things Down. Dropping Things That No Longer Serve. Relinquishment. Abdication. Surrender.

Around August 30th, something in me just snapped, and I decided not to go one more day with excuses, or carrying around things that weren't mine. I chose to stop holding on to past insecurities. I opted to stop building guards/walls that only keep people away, and most importantly, to let go of the things and people that don't serve me well.  Not that I am some queen of the world, but I consistently care, love and support those i care about and rather than wrap myself in jealously, dis-inclusion or sadness when i don't receive 100% reciprocity, i instead chose to set all of those feelings that do not serve a purpose, and get on with it.

This has always been so hard, but for whatever reason - i'm just ready this time around.  I am 100% confident in saying that.

I feel like I finally found the gene that allows me to just be myself, not apologize for it, and stop worrying so so much about how everyone i come into contact with will be affected. i still care, i just refuse to own anything that isn't my own anymore.

Most importantly, all of this means that clear out room for a lot of fantastic, new things to come into my life - and while i am already lucky enough to have a pretty fantastic life, this whole purge of junk that has been taking up space and sure cleared a lot of room over here in samiland :) watch out - manifesting powers in FULL effect.

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I'm Sami Jo From Denver, CO, United States Samantha loves to travel, lose herself in a good book, practice yoga at her favorite local studio, The Yoga Mat, and connect with friends, old and new. Her love of working with creative minds extends into her personal endeavors, as well. She and her husband conduct a project called "Songs For Jake," a music collaboration channel designed with the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. Through her business, Roger Charlie, Samantha focuses on publicity and management, working closely with authors, musicians, and creatives who find value in a more personal approach through communications.
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