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Four Celebrity Couples that Got Me Over My Insecurity of Relationship Height Difference

Monday, June 24, 2013
Sounds stupid - but if you ever asked me about the thing I found most attractive about a man - it was his height.

Height always meant manliness. And feet hanging off the bed - a little bit of awkwardness and of course - tall babies.

Tall men also equaled small Sami. I'm still not sure when/where that notion got inserted into my brain, but somewhere along the lines, my psyche was convinced that tall men make women feel petite - and even if you're carrying a little extra junk in your trunk, a man's height somehow cancels that out.

Well - wouldn't you know it - life dealt me a hilarious card when it delivered an excellent match in someone just a sliver taller than myself. Turns out, great things do come in small packages.

So I've spent the entire last year google searching "How tall is ________ (insert celebrity name here)?" Why? Because I'm ridiculous.  As it would turn out, there are a lot of really tiny, good looking people running around in hollywood, making excellent livings and totally stealing the hearts of women everywhere.

And so very slowly, but surely - I've been getting over my bizarre, completely irrational height insecurity. I realize I sound complete shallow, but hey - it is what it is, and we're all human. I know it's all about the substance, and relationship and it all of that outside stuff doesn't matter - but it matters. :)

So, my very shallow self presents a very short list of celebrity couples that somehow eased my insecurity about height and helped get me to where I am now - happy.

1. Bing Crosby (5'7") and Rosemary Clooney (5'6")

No, they didn't date in real life, and yes, Bing Crosby was definitely rumored to be not such-a-nice-guy, but you know what cancels all of that out? White Christmas - the best Christmas movie ever made. You can't argue with that. It's a Hollywood Film fact.

2. Ryan Adams (5'8") and Mandy Moore (5'9")
This one is a little bit of a stretch because Mandy Moore is super-model gorgeous, and so I feel that  cancels out the whole height issue (plus the entire model marrying rockstar has just always made sense) - but I had to include it, because of Ryan's long dark hair, soulful lyrical abilities and genuine sweetness/affection between the two. Plus, the age difference is just about the same - and seriously - they look adorable together. I don't know them personally, but I get some weird, nerd-girl impression that there are similarities.

3. Meg Ryan (5'8") and Billy Crystal (5'7")
When Harry Met Sally has always been my all-time favorite movie. Best Friends fall in love. That's how it works - That's how it happened for me. They're not the all-stunning die-for couple, but everything they represent is right on point. I was just reminded of this one today and it had to go on the list. Mark this as a giant slap-in-the-face! How did I miss this?

4. Tina Fey (5'5") and Jeff Richmond (5'5")
Hello, Idol. Tina Fey is quite possibly the coolest female on the face of the planet. I would so so love the opportunity to work/shadow/intern for her in this lifetime.  To boot, she wears heels around her same-height hubby all the time, and look how happy? Yep... time to ditch the insecurity!


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