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I'm planning a trip and on my trip, I'm taking...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
A smile, a sense of self and a viable escape from my very hectic schedule. It's just mandatory these days - I'm shooting for one trip a month this year.

So, although work continues, I have a break in school coming up March 20-27th, so I am considering a few locations:

1. boston
i have wanted to visit bean town since, oh... forever. i've come close a number of times, but always ended up in proximity instead (DC, NYC, Baltimore, Burlington, Philly <3). I tried to convince my mom to go with me around halloween a few years ago so that we could check out the sites and also rent a jeepy and check out all the small towns in the vicinity - very gilmore girls (don't judge me). instead, we went to napa, which just meant lots of alcohol... and mom is especially phenomenal with a little vino in her system - win/win.

pros: favorite hotel chain is cheap and central city (would be amazing like my seattle/new years trip)
lots of walk-time
historical aspects
east-coast boys. i can't put my finger on it, but they have a 'look' to them... and i kind of enjoy the view.

cons: cold (but hey, scarves are my staple)
miss out on autumn or spring
not christmas... kind of planned with a friend of mine, and it'd be WONDERFUL to get a sense of the city when people
finally find an excuse to be kind.

2. savannah, ga.
readingin the garden of good and evil definitely sealed my interest. old-school, classy, plantations... BY the water (an ocean fix is mandatory for me at LEAST once a year). Also, quality food... (which i guess i've never really loved creole-style - too greasy, fatty - but i suppose if you get it from the source, it's bound to be good). Also, Tybee Island, dolphin watching, and what I would hope to be a day or two of bike riding... i love my bike rides by the water.... especially on islands

pros: free roundtrip airline ticket - courtesy my traveling sports-photography father
new adventure
warm weather break (i think, at least...)
small-town feel... i ran into some natives while skiing one day and they had a lot of good things to say

cons: are there any? i fear a place to stay may be pretty spendy - tho it is the weekend after their giant st. patricks day
blowout, so rates may actually be fairly reasonable
i think maybe this is a trip i'd like to experience with someone - maybe if i can talk someone into going with me, it'd
make this a definite option

3. Steamboat Springs, CO
I love my skiing - blow out 4,000-7,000 calories in a full-day of skiing, justify the fatty burger and beer by the fire....

pros: exercise, exercise, exercise - blowing off all stress/steam in the most awesome way possible.
mountain men... i keep trying to like the clean cut boys, and yes, you are all beautiful, but MAN I love a scruffy beard,
messy hair and a warm shirt to cuddle into.
hot baths and bed time after a hard day of skiing.
having my car, and being somewhat near home (2 1/2 hours) should something happen

cons: expensive - i can't imagine hotel costs.. i wish i had a hookup
for some reason, i fear this trip would be extremely lonely. i LOVE my solo ski days. Just me and my ipod, but i think at
the end of the day, I'd want to curl up with a handsome man and ... i don't have one.

4. (other option).
I definitely want to stay in the country, since i'll be going to London + another country in May/June (still deciding on that, as well) - and am open to options. If you have any suggestions e-mail me. I'm all ears. Better yet, if you want to trip with me, then please, insert yourself into this equation.

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