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Day 2...

Saturday, November 10, 2007
Of glued to the bed sickness.

I lie, tho really - because I did get up once to go for an hour-long walk to pick up thera-flu and more movies, and then again to check out a friends band -- tho I had to leave 30 minutes in because I felt like I was going to pass out. I, of course, was punished for even trying because upon using a public restroom, I was reminded that the worst possible feeling you can ever have is the minute after you realize you've just sat down in someone else's urine.

But the early-in gave me a chance to catch up on gossip/news, which I never really get to do anymore because I'm too busy.

Had to read up on the writer's strike right now (so sad) because if, in fact the execs don't come to their senses and just pay them justly --- you know the only type of television that will survive is Reality TV - and man, that would make me so depressed... I sort of wish I was a writer full time right now to be part of that. And after reading this -- wish I was working for Ellen.

Anyway - I'm multitasking and taking in a movie as well...My freaking dvd player is playing with subtitles. I don't need to see that "Hello!" means "Hola!" en espanol.
I'm pissed - but i'm also too lazy to get up and change the settings. My cats express the same sentiments, and sadly, they don't have opposable thumbs.

This is all a load of crap. All i know is I slept 12 hours last night and did nothing today and still have damn dark circles under my eyes and I still feel of the same caliber that I have all week. My sinus's can kiss my ass.

Good news tho. In numerology - 9 = closure / the ending and severing of things.
(2007 ... 2+0+0+7)
So if any of you have been having as rough of a year as myself - there's your answer.

But next year starts back at 1 (2+0+0+8=1+0=1)- new beginnings - expanding on new ideas.. wonderfulness.
So i've given up men the rest of the year in hopes that numerology will work in my favor in 2008.
Single suits me anyway.



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