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Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (?)

Sunday, November 4, 2007
I've already proven that not true.

But.... I do miss writing here every day these past few weeks. But I've been just so busy that when I find a little time to myself, I dont' find myself wanting to camp out on the computer -- tho I have been intaking a lot of flicks. I should probably be paying a lot more attention to the 9th Gate right now...

Last week was crummy - for several reasons. But one did just clear up - and that's because my bunny (brother) was released from the hospital today after 11 days in (3rd time in the last 2 months) Go bunny, go! Hoorah because his birthday is next sunday I'm not really in support of him spending a celebratory day in Pediatrics.

Just having lots of fun and working a BUNCH and being productive and loving it. Lots to share, and I"ll get back to a more regular schedule hopefully starting... tomorrow. :)

Also - I've been circulating some news around with a friends and realizing that 2007 has been quite the trying year for a number of people. Year of the... Pig, is it? Or the Rat? I'd believe Rat... Such a tough yet rewarding year. I'm sure you'll get the rundown on that when 2008 hits. I"m glad I started this one out by Flying a plane - but I'll be happy to ring 2007 the HELL Out of here and start fresh two months from now. What's your sob story for the year? I know you have something serious... that you hopefully grew from - exponentially :) haha. I have about 7... but like I said - for another day.

More personal stuff tomorrow. Sorry to be quick and vague - but I'm falling asleep here...



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