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Monday, November 19, 2007
Geeez, I am so bad at this blogging thing lately -- I guess not THAT bad - but bad enough.

I've had a mass boatload of things going on - so I've been accomplishing a lot in my real world - but not so much online.

To give you a little insight as to how much has been going on - I'll tell you I recieved something in the mail on friday that I honestly have no recollection at ALL of ordering - so while I was completely confused, I was also pleasantly surprised.

All of that said, I do have all of my Christmas shopping done, cards, photo, some personal crap sorted out and a lot checked off my todo box in career life. I've also managed to (mostly) kick a sinus infection that's been looming around for the last two weeks. I found some sort of sinus spray that has cayan pepper in it. Think painful, but effective.

Or, as a good friend put it, "Burns like holy flaming chlamidea."

Sunday night I had some time to myself - and caught up on some good documentaries (thanks to the recommendation of friends). That's where all of these seem to come from - and they seem to show up often on Sundays - so I'm hoping to get you guys filled in so you can take part if interested.

Of course, we have the traumatizing Guys and Dolls Documentary:

Love me, Love my doll
Scary, haunting, appalling and perfect for which to freak out your friends. If it's too much for you, go see Lars and the Real Girl. It has Ryan Goseling, and no intimate scenes where the vagina fabric is torn, ripped, "totally needs to be reconstructed" I'm shuddering.

John (my best-of-craigslist boy) recommended The Bridge - The documentary about Suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. IT was interesting, because I remember last year when I visited my good friend Sara, her boyfriend was telling me about it - and that they set up a film crew for a year to watch the Golden Gate. I'm still wondering how controversial this was because to literally watch and not interfere - is that accomplice to murder? hmm... This is interesting - and sad. And even Howie Day gets a plug at the end. Def spend your time. The finale is amazing.

Third - Born into Brothels, Recommended by Amber Soo --- This is a documentary from a woman that has been in Calcutta's Red Light District on and off for several years, and teaches a Photography Class to kids of Brothel Women. Their photography is amazing - and their personalities are captivating. I was so impressed by how children so young seemed to deliver their thoughts so inteligently - sort of like sifting through all of the bs and getting straight to the point. Their photography is amazing, as well. Touching story.

That said, I'd love recommendations from anyone else if you have them. Please e-mail me with your thots.



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