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Throwin' a Little Pop Culture Your Way

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Because I've been absorbing it in the few hours I"ve had outside of Working on three projects and sleeping off Sinusitis.

This, of course means a plethora of movies and Celebreality.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Call me late in the game - because I"ve never seen the play / read the book - but holy greatness. Sick, twisted ending, and hello - amazing. I think this is my favorite Tim Burton / Johnny Depp Project... Sure redeems Burton after the atrocity that was Willy Wonka.


Another good flick that surprisingly didn't make me throw up all over the theater (how many people have said this?) I dug it... played on a lot of human fear, including that most of it lies in the unknown. I half was uncomfortable because it really makes me feel for all of those involved in 9/11... My boss was in one of the towers when it was hit and I've heard the story of the after effects - being covered in building Soot, etc. - so I'm not sure I'd recommend it to these people - but if you're going to go - Go Big - and Go Imax.
Thot-out Review here for those wanting a little more.

27 Dresses

Yeah. I said it. And respectfully, I went alone. Reminiscent of Never Been Kissed... Doing a story on someone - end up falling in love. I guess I feel akin to Katherine Heigel's character because I am that girl pulling all the strings for everyone else and getting big shit done while all of my beautiful friends/sister(s) stand out. Anyway... It's a chick flick. But, my favorite. "I am Jesus..." Plus I love her apartment...

Celebreality Catch-Up for Sunday, January 20:
Rock of Love II Recap
My Fair Brady

Dr. Drew not til Friday... sorry, kiddos.

Also... hilarious - I think Amy Wineouse dyed her hair blond for prison is so that once she comes back out she
"Goes Back to Black" Credit Auntee Elizabeth.



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