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Adult Presents I'd love for 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007
It may seem selfish to make a list of things I'd love to get - but I've been giving so much lately that I don't feel guilty about it...

So... instead of a bunch of frilly fun stuff that I, of course, always love - here's a list of things that I've been thinking would be really nice to have gifted - and probably make me sound like an absolute geek for thinking in the realm of responsible --- but I have a sneaking suspicion most all adults out there wouldn't mind these either:

1. Several Rolls of Quarters (for Laundry). That, or I guess I could just move when my lease is up to a place that has its own laundry machines... but I really like my apartment... so quarters are good.

2. A bi-weekly cleaning lady. Even a monthly cleaning lady. 12 cleaning lady visits for the year. Beautiful... BEAUTIFUL!

3. Free Gas for a year. This may sound like a bold request, but now that I think about it, I only spend about $80 a month on gas - Hello $960 bucks for 2008... that can be directed to my bank account instead of my cute little car (no, I will not give up my car for anything...) :)

4. Grocery Dollars --- This could be for a few months... or 6, or a year again... and as most people know - this is a woman's highest expense. Why? Because we love food. Say hello to $300-$400 / month. that's $4,800 bucks in a year. Again - i direct this to my savings.

5. Someone to train my cats how to poop/pee in a human toilet.
I've seen this done. The majority of the cleaning I do is geared toward cleaning the cat box, throwing out trash because of this, and sweeping up litter and mopping up butt stains from my asshole cat who I love dearly, but feels the need to wipe his ass on my floors. I feel like if they could master the toilet the time and energy I spend on the above could be directed elsewhere.

6. A pocket chiropractor/massage therapist. Just someone to shove in my drawer and pull out whenever my neck /shoulders start acting up. I guess I could get a boyfriend... with an M.D. ... for that.

7. Membership to Wine of the Month Club. Simply - I handle stress pretty ok - but there are times when I need a god damn glass of red wine, and dammit... it better be a good one! Leave it to some club to tell me what's good and what's not. Then I don't have to decide. :)

I feel to sheepish to ask for giant bills that I incur every month to be paid for (my mortgage, insurance, etc.) --- so that's my short list.

[p.s. shame on you who's mind went to the gutter on that title]



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