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Friday, January 11, 2008
I woke up this morning - well, not very well.
I had a hard time.

It's about this time I start weighing my options:

1. shower - show up pretty late to work.
2. don't shower - deal with disheveled hair and aim for "Bed Head" sexy.
3. shower - wash body only, deal with disheveled hair.
4. shower - wash body and bang only to pull off clean hair in the front.

I opted for option 4 because surprisingly, my hair gets 1930s glam curly when i sleep on it and I lucked out with good hair today. I was still late for work tho... oh yeah - i'm always late. The more I try, the later I am.

But the particularly wonderful thing this morning was having the dream I slid down to the Denver Pavillions (literally, SLID... like on a sled but just on my touche) in boxers and a baggy t-shirt with horrible hair and no make up and ended up meeting my perfect mate - who I caught a twinge of butterflies when dreaming. He asked me out, and I ended up shopping and still not being able to shower for our date.

I tried to squeeze my eyes shut to see where the date would go, but the time was ticking steadfastly into "dangerously late for work" and all I could do was sit up and go, "Damn.. I need to meet that dude. Tonight. Or soon..."

Not sure why this is so heavily on the mind lately - but I guess the heart wants what it wants.
and mine wants it NOW!



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