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pleasssseeee dont come back and bite me in the butt...

Monday, December 27, 2010
i finally wrote a letter to my landlord about the noisy neighbors. i figure if it invades my dreams and causes me to passive aggressively slam cupboards and stomp around angrily just to make excessive 'yell back' noise as a punishment to the neighbors, i should probably ask her help. after all, ive made efforts to fix the situation (terrible backfire) and i love my place. i.e. i dont want to move... (yet).

sooo you know, i guess if it goes terribly or there is no solution, i satisfy my deal ive made to myself to stick it out through grad school and then leave. but hell, if it can be better now, why not? i just want to live in a quiet, sound-proof cloud. why is that so impossible!? im not even AT home and im annoyed. haha

on a lighter note... getting up at 7:30 tmrw to drive mom to work, then head off to the badlands with maddi. also... my favorite uncle was apparently a roadie for aerosmith a few nights during the beginning of their career and was at woodstock, citing, "the people who say 'i remember woodstock' are lieing through their teeth. i dont remember shit, 'cept mud up to HERE (knees).'" god love the man.

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