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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
I'm so tired, but I don't want to go to bed, because it means the thing on the other side means I have to WAKE UP and that just sounds horrible right now. Does that frame of thinking make any sense? I feel this way a lot... which is probably why I have trouble sleeping so often... :)

On an upside, I have to post a text conversation between a friend and I that made me bust up during class... because we both get scarily hungry for candy when faced with midterm stress and we're tired:

Me: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii want mt pie.

Friend: Ha! iiiiiiiiiiii want midterms to be over.

Me: I meant my pie. But now I want a mountain of pie.
Mount pie. With cool whip snow on the top and caramel runoffs.

Friend: I understood. And I want Peeps to frolick in the caramel runoffs with. And a york peppermint pattie bathing suit. And sour straw sunglasses. And a taffy hat.

Me: Oh my god. I am so tired and that is probably the best text I've ever gotten and I'm trying not to pee my pants in class.

Friend: Shh.. shhh... shhhhh... just pee. Maybe the teacher will end class early.

Me: hahahahahahahaha.
I also want reeses trees and zour birdies.

Friend: oooooooh. And robins egg whoppers. And a choco-taco. And a pancake.

Me: What else?

Friend: Apple-o's, hot tomales, candy buttons, sixlets, sweedish fish, war heads, mike n' ike, haribo gummy bears, sour patch kids, violet crumble, sugar babies, fireballs, almond joy, fruit and nut, ritter sport (cornflake), sour jelly bellies, Reeses mini cups, mint three musketeers, stale red vines, grape tootsie pops, circus peanuts, sour s'ghetti aaaaaand... funyuns. OH! And Caramel Cremes. The kind with the powdered sugar center.

Me: Omg. What about alcohol?

Friend: Yea... and candy flavored alcohol. And wine coolers.

Me: And Mudslides, naturally.

Friend: And White Russians. And Sweet Tarts.

Me: And oatmeal cookie shots. Shit. Why am I leaving tomorrow? This could all be a reality.

Friend: I have had nights so epic, I've woken up with apple-o's in my hair...

I mean, really... we could probably constitute 62% of the material on texts from last night.

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