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Misery loves...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Well, not company. I still can't shake the funky attitude. My cloud of negativity was clearly evident on my walk yesterday when a 90-pound black girl nearly beat me up because I was walking in a straight line and wouldn't move when she crossed into my path. Not two blocks later, some girl in her Honda almost ran me over (and laughed about it) and four blocks after that, some dude in a red jeep did the same. I spent the rest of the walk
with a big lower lip, remembering how lonely I feel. Lately, it's gotten worse.

I'm not excited to go to London. I feel too overwhelmed and want nothing more than to drop everything for the summer and move home for three months (beautiful). Iiiiiiiiiiiiim tired!

(Of course London will be exciting. I got in on a VIP tour of the BBC. I'll post my schedule here soon).

But I need some help pulling out of the funk. I'm having the moments where I panic about the day my parents won't be around anymore, how everything in this life now is just temporary and we're all getting older, then try to avert my attention somewhere else before I disapear into a black hole. Morose, isn't it?

I think I may sell back my gaga ticket in London so I can get two extra days over on the mediteranean and flush out this horrible look on life. Lotd knows i need to take full advantage of my downtime. I took on too much, per usual. Please be patient with me.

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