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Vh1 Behind the music: sj edition

Monday, July 5, 2010
It's difficult to get anything done when vh1 is running a behind the music marathon. Hey - you have you guilty pleasures in vapid MTV "reality" shows or dare I say - vampire crap - so while I'm over here not judging your poor choices (heh), you just let me have my music documentaries.

I honestly can't rember the last time I've actually seen BtM, but getting involved isn't unlke a lifetime original movie. Serious topics, tear-jerking stories and a commitment of two full hours. This, of course, is if you manage to peel away after one special. Ha...false.

I flipped on the tellie half-way through Christina Aguillera, thinking I could still fit in my two-hour walk, sixteen flights of stairs and a quick swim in the pool before heading over to two different bbqs.

After I was notified that the following episode covered the story of Courteney Love, I thot - this is cake. Especially Considering I've never liked her anyway (she makes it so easy).

So I bought a few Xtina songs via iTunes for my workout, and managed to catch five measely minutes on courteney...and wouldn't you know, it's two hours later and I actually have a new-found respect for the bitch. You see what good journalism is capable of doing? Dammit!

So now it's two p.m. And next up: Pink.


In all of this, I seemed to omit the four chapters of entreprneurship law reading and questions for our chat this wednesday. Oh, and the twelve-page paper for global sports and entertainment... Buuuuuut, priorities right?

I say sex or on time for coffee with a friend, you pick: ______?

Ten minutes extra sleep or clean hair: _________.

Peanut butter cookies or steel cut oatmeal for breakfast: _______.

Think of a time you reasoned yourself out of a responsibility. Yes, laying on the floor learning useless pop culture knowledge was more important!

But, i forced myself up, threw on some shoes and I walked, with fury, through Denver. Part of the anger, because I chose exercise over Pink, but mostly because my building disapointment of men (a story for another time, or not at all). The latter was increased when I passed a homeless man masterbating behind a suitcase on a very exposed section of the sidewalk. Why? WHY...?!

I returned back around four pm and vh1 had shifted focus to Eve. This half helped confirm that while the bear claw tattoos on her tits are still a stupid idea, she's kind of rad, and moving to Philly after my program to focus on the hip hop industry may, in fact, hold steady at the top of my life plan list.

In the end I scrapped one of the BBQs, and the point of all of this is there is no point. I suppose I'm trying to comfort myself by writing that I actually did do something today... This could arguably just be research for my masters antway, so... Zing! Keep it coming, VH1.

Hope you all had a wonderful fourth. And didn't see any homeless men fondeling themselves...


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