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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

driving into the city, i felt a little uneasy and could only muster the sentiment "its like vegas meets colorado springs meets...the apocolypse." id appologise for being so ignorant, but its human nature to immediately try to identify where you are to comparing it to where you've been. but, i have a sneaking suspician those of you who have been to nola may get a similar vibe, as well, only if nola were on it's death bed. tho, the character definitely still exists.

it's actually really sad to see such tall, brick buildings completely dead inside. Detroit proper is rather small, but its got potential. we made it through greek town (one whole block) and saw the lions... no, tigers play the sox.

now im back up in the suburbs at my friend's ridiculously cute house with the pink door and get the day to myself tomorrow to walk around and explore (including 8mile...yes, i've since become a fan of eminem since christopher and i played through an entire album of his on one of our drives back to sodak).

ill post more photos when im back to a computer, but the one attached is greek town. we parked at a greek temple, so it was only appropriate. i dig it here, but the welcomeness has to settle in.

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