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the difference

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i've spent today, not studying, but on the couch watching too many movies and ridiculous television that i could care less about. the sunday before finals week was.the wrong time to break records on underproduction. g. dammit...

i also ate enough food to feed a very small country and am having a love, mostly hate relationship with technology (facebook, you are a succubus sometimes).

the.good: a single man. watch it.
the.bad: two ice cream sandwiches.and a lamb burger. (ok, not bad, delicious, but... bad, sami!)

additionally, i found this today (denver art museum) and out of competition with myself, i felt insignificant with pursuing a masters when it's so low on the hierarchy of degrees. silly how the human mind works, isn't it?

the difference between my normal day (go go go, learn learn learn, hike, walk, hike) is blatantly obvious, and as a result of living like a couch potato today, i feel uberlame and overtly in need of social stimulation to reassure my coolness on an otherwise useless day.

the ex is soliciting me again, and it would be so easy to just run in his direction for the attention that i crave, but alas, i've finally lost interest (even when lured by 10 stitches in the hand as a result of being jumped last night). don't get me wrong, that's terrible, and man, that's gotta suck for a drummer, but i think i've finally shut the spicket when it comes to handing out compassion to those who don't deserve it.

i think 100-odd chances are fair, don't you?

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