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Monday, November 1, 2010
October has been absolutely ridiculous. going and going and going and i finally get a chance to stop Saturday night and guess what?

boom... roasted.

i came down hard core with some sick. and as always, went straight to my throat. all of you who may come face to face with tonsil removal some day, be aware (because your doctor won't mention this) that if you choose to remove your friendly little bacterial blocking friends, the next time you get an infection, the pain will be 10fold because it sneaks past the home of the former goalies (who are now in a lab somewhere) and jumps straight to the bottom of your throat - right near the lymph nodes. awesome. :) all i want are a million popsicles, but i ain't leavin' the house.

on the upside, i'm cracking up because my body has been courteous enough to comply with my schedule, as it waited until there was an acceptable time for it to bring this on. thanks, body.

I had today off, and tomorrow I can easily cancel the plans that I do have (including class).

So for now, just taking the opportunity to have a Bones marathon, sleep like a kitten and you know, hope that a friend shows up to my house with a 24-pack of rocket popsicles... :)

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