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Thursday, October 14, 2010
lissie canceled because of a callus on her vocal chord. I supppooooose if i can either dance to her tonight, or have her heal up so she can create more albums down the road, i'll pick the latter, but... this is a bummer, man! that's a... that's a bummer.

instead, my girls and i drew dinosaurs in the girl's bathroom, had a black keys dance party on larimer and closed out the night with cheap burgers and beer. i really do have the most high-quality girlfriends. :)

soooooo, in lew of all these things and after sleeping until one in the afternoon (dear, god...really?) i've been singing worried about on repeat (because it's been my anthem in an attempt to heal my heart this year) and also, soaking up some interesting videos recommended by my anthropologist friend on media and gender. If these kinds of things interest you, well then here are two from the video pile:

Killing Us Softly (this is part 1 of 4. You'll be directed to the succeeding parts at the end of each video)

Dreamworlds 3

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