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Saturday, September 25, 2010

you know it's a good night of sleep when you dream about sleeping.

After a jam-packed schedule this week and a solid seven days of a rating '9' pain on the pain scale, everything finally came to an end at six thirty last night.

Theb, A friend who manages a restaurant in Lodo called last night and asked if I'd be interested in making a little extra cash.

Apparently her chef needs 20 dozen cupcakes by monday - the only requirements being that there needs to be six flavors total, two dozen gluten free. So I did some math on payment, we figured out a fair price and I headed to the grocery store to buy supplies.

As of last night, I've made about 150 total including lemon, classic white, gluten-free chocolate and double chocolate chip pumpkin (holy moses, those are tasty).

Today I'm on the hunt for some cake boxes to store everything in and mint extract to complete a mint chocolate cupcake with andes mints and a few other ingredients for the last fall flavor: gingerbread cinnamon.

Frosting should be fun. And... let's just say i'm super thankful my mom bought me an industrial-sized kitchen-aid for christmas last year. :)

I can't help but think how cool it would be to have a gig like this once a week. I guess it could get old, but I'd be paid enough to do something I love, sustain an actual living and work on my own schedule. Throw in creativity, problem solving and a product that makes the customer pleased with the final product and I think I'd be pleased as punch... :)

okay, maybe just a side thing while I work in music, cause hot damn, i'm having fun.

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