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zig ziegler

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I had forgotten that last Christmas, I had gotten silver luggage tags engraved to give to my mom and Rich. Sounds boring, but it made sense for Rich, as he's a traveling photographer, and it was kind of incentive to get mom to come visit me. :) Selfish, I know.

Rich's turned out exactly as ordered.

My mom, however, opened hers and stared at it confused. I was worried she didn't like it. So i shuffled up beside her to see why she had seemingly not approved of the gift.
Turns out she got the luggage tag of one Zig Ziegler, who, according to the tag, resides in Oregon.

I started laughing, and mom did, too after admitting she thought I had written her information backwards in code and she was about to take it to the bathroom mirror to reveal the secret engraving.

All was easily fixed. The company that botched the job sent a new, correct tag, and my mom got to keep both: "The Right one, and the More Right One."

A few months later, I was walking through Kinko's and spotted a bookstand featuring: "How to Get What You Want - by Zig Ziegler."

Maybe Mr. Ziegler can get most of what he wants, but apparently not his luggage tags.

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