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Thursday, August 26, 2010

new classes. leaving mpa. starting something new. feeling nervous.

two nights in a row i've dreamt of hotels. once, where all the room numbers were labeled with the letter q and i was rendevousing with steve carell in micheal scott mode. the second, my mom, brother and i were escaping on an adventure and some handsome gentleman - tall, with blonde curly hair came in our room with his baby girl because the hotel had apparently double booked our room. he and i decided to rendevous, as well, after a lengthy bit of akward, witty banter.

so i looked up hotels and it in fact symbolizes transition. im hoping with all the academic changes, that the hint of men in there mean i have a man coming along, as well, cause this girl is ready.

i keep twisting in frustration with the noisy carriage house and after trying nearly everything to push mentally past the aggression, i've decided the solution is going to be getting a man in here (that's what she said). muah ha.

no seriously, i can see this scenario in my head, and it is happy and care-free and just in time for the chilly weather. so... come on, man. bring it.

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