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Thursday, August 12, 2010

biked 27 miles rt today. 13 of those on an empty stomach. stupid idea. but it made all of those cherries on my stop at cherry creek res pretty wonderful.

i keyed up a bunch of npr's world cafe archives to listen to on my way home inc. lissie, black keys, zero 7, mason jennings and steve martin.

do you know how wonderful life becomes when you're on your last breath of endurance and some solid banjo kicks in and makes you smile ear to ear because you're ducking under bushes and feeling like you're in the deep south instead of some neighborhood street under construction in denver? really wonderful.

in celebration, i ate homemade potato chips and a juicy burger along with three heffervisens (sp) with oj. someone introduced me to a 'wisconsin lunch box' which is the aforementioned beverage mixed with a shot of amaretto. tasty, but ill take the original.

i also got to ride, front seat, in the old cyclone rollercoaster at lakeside tonight. i actually had lost hope of it running ever again. but it does. and it is awesome.

aside from the sunburn on my scalp and left hand, overall genuinely perfect day. i even came up with a new word (trademark): gamtastic.

gamtastic: (adj.): having beautiful gams, legs, stems.

sami jo is so gamtastic, especially after biking 27 miles today (well, and mostly because of the lien

life is good. i am happy.

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