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id never survive

Monday, August 16, 2010

in a ground-level flat in new york...

i am spoiled. i grew up in the woods with no neighbors. the only sound i ever heard was the passing freight trains down the road. and coyotes, turkeys...

now, this is city life and i love it, and maybe i would feel different if i loved my downstairs neighbor... but i feel like i've made every effort to befriend, and she's just not having it. so as cute as it is living in a charming 1906 carriage house, there is zero insulation here and i can here everything. everything. honestly, im still puzzled...how on earth do you hear someone below you walking around? got me.

every time i come home and the neighbor's car is gone, i do a little celebration dance... kind of like in high school when your mom left for the weekend and you had free reign over the stereo. sadly now, the only place i can party loud now (because of my own guilt of annoying her) is my car.

half of me is annoyed, and the other half is comforted that there is someone close by. i still haven't landed on either side of the fence. but i have a sneaking suspician once the cold weather settles back in, this will all get better. i don't remember being this bothered last winter.

here's to hoping. and that i have a tall, beardy gentleman to snuggle up with in front of my fireplace so im distracted... :)

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