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Monday, September 27, 2010
I just parked the television on the remake of Amityville horror, party because I dig the scary movies, but mostly because Ryan Reynolds goes shirtless and has a scruffy man beard (dear lord, my loins) and was reminded of something I had listened to four years ago.

Picture this: The dedicated girlfriend of one denver drummer, who definitely was not worth all the work, used to drive back and forth from Rapid City, SD to Denver, CO for weekend visits because this drummer had no mode of transportation (among other things).

One summer weekend, this girl drove down to Colorado on a Friday night and got so swallowed into the bullshit feelings that go along with a long-distance relationships, that she was just not ready to drive home that following Sunday to return to the day-to-day routine of homeowner, marketing manager at a cattle and equine company. What...? That's a real thing.

So the silly, 24-year-old girl thought... "I'll go curl up in bed with the boy and lay here. As long as I get up by 1am, I can drive back to South Dakota and drive into town just in time for work on Monday morning."

And so she did.

Now I'm sure I've mentioned before how much this girl loves sleeping. It's kind of a lame thing to admit as a favorite hobby, but it is what it is, and it keeps happiness and sanity. So you can imagine how solid the idea was of driving through three states while most of the midwest was sleeping. Not great!

One-hundred and twenty miles into the drive, she landed in Cheyenne and decided it was time to call-in some backups. So, she pulled into a truck stop and opted for a pepsi and... a marshmallow moon pie.

There's a picture somewhere of this girl holding that moon pie at 2:30am in complete disgust and misery; knowing there was still 4 1/2 hours to go and ashamed and mortified of the ingredients contained in that sugary snack that would be promptly deposited into the body. If this photo is found, it'll be up stat. Because it shows the general sentiment much better than I could ever tell you in words.

Heading out of Cheyenne, anticipating the oncoming sugar high, the girl decided to take the back roads rather than stick to the interstate, flipping through the scarce availability of AM frequencies along the way.

You know what she found?

An interview with George Lutz, who lived in the house after the Defeo murders Amityhorror!
Apparently, the interview had broadcast one year earlier and the station was replaying it because Lutz had passed away just days earlier from a heart attack.

Chilling selection during the witching hour driving through nearly deserted land on a Monday morning. Did she stay awake? uh... yeah... you betcha. And even made it back in time to run into the house for a waffle sandwich, then head straight out the door to work.

I can't find the broadcast, but this is a pretty good written version. Gotta get you all geared up for October and Halloween. And appall you a bit with moon pie consumption. gross gross gross.

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