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pocket vision board

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
One of my aunts recently decided to pursue a career in creativity coaching. Wise, because she has always been the center of motivation and support.

Through my childhood, she worked at a flower shop while running a gift basket company with my mom. As her kids and i entered middle school, her yellow house (complete with white picket fence) quickly became the epicenter for teenagers who ran in our respective circles. The basement constantly boomed with alternative rock band practice and my aunt made several trips a week to the store to replenish the refrigerator with soda and the candy box with sugary sweets. Even when she was diagnosed with lukemia in 1996, she opted for at-home chemotherapy and still managed to take care of everyone who charged through her home.

In 2001 she divorced her husband, andleft nearly all of her belongings except those which fit into her tiny 10x10 foot room and started fresh, withjust $3.52 in her bank account. She nowlives in a black hills castle with leopard print carpet in her bedroom, an upstairs studio stocked with art supplies and a newly-built garage with her very own welding workshop. She has created a successful company where she sells her one of a kind lanterns made from raw hyde and sticks and devotes most of her time to her two grandsons. She is proof that if you follow your gut and dream big, you end up happily where you knew you always belonged. Thank god she wants to share this gift as a mentor.

Today, she motivated me by pulling me up to her art studio for some tea and the beginnings of a pocket visual board. This starts with a beautiful piece of oragami made from thick card stock that expands grandly onto a table, but on the go, folds neatly into a 2x2" square. All of this is tied neatly into a pretty ribbon, of course.

We spent the afternoon pulling inspired pieces from magazine to help piece together those things we wish to manifest and achieve in 2011. Add in some watercolor, words of wisdom and positive thinking and you have a recipe for sucess that folds neatly into your pocket.

Given all the things Ive pulled today, and where I intend to go with this board, 2011 is sure to be one for the books. Like my aunt, I encourage you to do some manifesting of your own. 2010 has been tough. Wish it well on its way out and make room for the accomplishments you wish to see flourish in the.coming year.

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