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Manners, people?

Monday, March 14, 2011
Every time I hit the airport, I always notice one thing, and it ALWAYS bothers me. I think it's mostly because it's something always practiced in London, and it just makes sense, and so when a handful don't get it (read: Americans not from the east coast who understand a busy lifestyle), it kind of gets obnoxious.

When you're on a moving walkway or an escalator, it's proper form to move over to the right side and make way on the left for the people that have a more hurried pace, rather than standing there like a giant boulder. I don't know why this always irritates me, because i generally plan far enough ahead so that I don't have to sprint through the B terminal, but I do have a generous strut and I don't like to be interrupted.

So, here's your lesson, in case you haven't observed this directly and aren't practicing. I appreciate your compliance. And so do all of the other travellers maintaining a generous walk to make their flight.

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