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30-Day Song Song Selection Spectacular Day #1

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
A friend of mine turned me onto this, and I thot, hey - sounds fun. So... stay tuned over the next thirty days for music, music, music (Read like... "Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!") This is meant for facebook, me thinks, but I figured I could use this to expand/share some other videos that definitely are included, because if you're anything like Rob Gordon, you can't ever pick just one. I"ll try to list these ratings wise top to bottom. Oh Yeah, categories are as follows:

1. Favorite cover version of a non-obscure song.
2. Favorite love song.
3. A song from your favorite movie.
4. Favorite breakup song.
5. A song you hear when you're shopping.
6. A song you can't listen to just once.
7. A song that breaks your heart with the first few notes.
8. A song that made you pull your car over (or otherwise completely halt whatever it was you were doing) the first time you heard it.
9. A song that you first heard live, that you became instantly obsessed with.
10. A song which makes you think, if temporarily, that you love everybody! (think: uplifting anthem).
11. A song which seems incredibly deep no matter how many times you hear it.
12. A song you love but can't bring yourself to listen to. (You fill in the reason.)
13. A song you put on everyone's mix tape.
14. Favorite duet/collaboration between two artists you love (or maybe you only love one of them).
15. A song you love from a genre/artist you usually dislike.
16. Biggest musical misstep by an artist you usually adore.
17. A song you like recorded by an artist who was under 18 at the time of  recording.
18. A song from the first album you ever bought with your own money (extra credit if you rode a spider bike to Woolworth's to make the purchase) or first 45 if you're old enough to know what that is.
19. First song you ever illegally downloaded.
20. A song that you clean house to.
21. A song by an artist that you used to love, but now are at least a little ashamed of (because either you or they changed).
22. A song that infuriates you.
23. Last song that got stuck in your head.
24. A song your parents would play during parties.
25. A song you love to sing in the shower.
26. A song by the first band you saw in concert.
27. Favorite oldie (a song you grew up thinking of as an oldie).
28. A song with chord changes that really thrill you.
29. Your favorite vocal performance.
30. Song from the album you played over and over and over in high school.

Day #1: Favorite Cover Version of a Non-Obscure Song.
#1 - Howie Day covering Toto - Africa...mostly because I've seen this live a few times and was always entranced by his looping skills. Also, since Howie doesn't exactly fit into any other category in the list for me, he needed to be included somewhere because I was mad-obsessed for about two solid years in my twenties...

#2 - Lissie covering Hank William's - Wedding Bells... This was on repeat when I was getting over not one, but two men (no, i'm not a two-timer, I just didn't address the issues until all at once. Pretty typical, really). I think if I were still broken hearted and crying on my long walks, this would have made number one, but... girl is happy these days.

#3 Maroon 5 covering NIN's Closer... I saw Maroon 5 open for Guster about a year before they hit big in Tucson, AZ in 2002 and when they played this, they had my heart.

#4 - Matt Nathanson covering Lyle Lovett's - If I had a Boat... just precious. i adore this man. and lyle lovett ain't too shabby, either. :)


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