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And then there were two...

Monday, August 21, 2006
Most everyone knows that i've been housing quite the animal kingdom for the last month+ --- something that's been enormously challenging (especially with none of them actually belonging to me), but even more rewarding.

This weekend, a lot of the puppies started heading south in the health department. When I got home last night, they all seemed pretty good to go - playful, licking toes -- this morning, my little cowboy was missing, Grace was having problems with digestion and my little Donavan (my favorite little boy) was throwing up all over his blankets.

I got to work and phoned the one person i knew would be there in a heartbeat, could handle helping, and offer support at the same time. She came and got me, with a huge box and her jeep, and helped me take all the little ones to the animal shelter -- where i know there is an in-house vet in 24/7 ready to help... something I've never been able to offer with my busy schedule (Though we made it work for 6 weeks).

When we arrived, I was ready to be chastized and scolded for being so irrisponsible -- for 1. not fixing the mother 2. dropping off an entire litter of 11, and then 3. just for breathing ---

I tried to fill out a form with all the names, but i knew they'd never care or remember - or be able to tell the difference without me being there to tell them.

We reached down to check on all the babies and one of the little black babies (i can't remember who because I was balling so hard - and i feel aweful for that) passed away in my arms... I could tell my helper was frustrated with the facility because I was bent over crying, holding that little baby in my arms and no one had come to help us.

Luckily, everyone was really welcoming. They could tell I was having a hard time with it - and they were excited to have such a cute bunch of babies to make 10 new families happy (maybe less if they take double, plus the gorgeous mom).

It's just been a sad day. I"m trying to nurse it with a trashy magazine and some sleep... Can someone please just come hold me for the next week or so?

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