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Feng Shui and My Love Life

Thursday, May 1, 2008
I had an emergency visit to my acupuncturist to work on my sinuses, since I have a fun weekend ahead and refused to let the pain setting into my head and eyebrows take over and ruin it.

Since I had arrived much earlier than my appointment, I nestled my nose into a Feng Shui book - which I've studied before, but never really put much into action - mostly because I'm not going to position my bed in a place that makes no sense just to retain some harmony in the workplace. I feel my home furnishings and "chi" flow just fine in my current city dwelling, thank you.

So I check the glossary and flip to the "romance" section. Lord knows I never try to understand this aspect of my life... nor try to get it working or... you know, make any effort at all, so I thought, "Hey... why not let a book tell me what to do."

I start reading. Just like any material of this nature, it appears I'm doing some things right, some things wrong, some totally made up for bull shit appeal.

"The Southwest corner of your house holds representation for your love live: both the current situation and romance to come."

I begin to map out my apartment in my head... South... West... Oh! My Southwest Corner happens to be the little foyer/closet that goes out to my roof deck.

I think...Oh good... I just re-organized and uncluttered this whole area. Things are looking up!.


"Do not store a broom here, for that represents sweeping away future prospects. Do not put a trash here. Try not to have a toilet here (this never made sense to me.. how are you supposed to rearrange your whole home if the bathroom IS where the bathroom IS?!)"

Well, of course that's where I keep my broom, along with all of my other cleaning supplies, tools, drill, books, odds and ends --- as well as my kittie's litter box, because I have but ONE closet in my entire apartment, and I'm not storing that shit next to my clothing, bedding, etc.

So despite maybe adding some glowing light (which pours in from the back door anyway, or painting that little space a deep red, pink, etc., I've come to the conclusion that:

Sami's Love Life = Giant Pile of Cat Crap.

It all makes so much sense, now...



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