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This year's Thanks goes to...

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Amazing parents. I'm finding this is a rarity, and for that, I'm exceptionally grateful. And lucky.

Jake Joseph Lien. Goes to hell and back on a regular basis with a smile on his face, and constantly teaches me it really is just all small stuff.

My "posse" - Julie, Oakley, Teresa, Emily, Wil and Westy.

One-on-one time with my grandparents, amazing aunts, uncles and cousins.

Some time off for fun and lots of solo-travel this year. I never knew how much I needed the break.

The overwhelming onslaught of laughter this year. It's been refreshing after a very dark period.

My kitten faces - Holiday Baby for being chatty pants and a total hussy to all friends I bring over to the apartment, and Maynard (Handsome Boy Modeling School) for your gorgeous face, love of my singing and guitar, and the fact that you literally don't get out of bed except to eat.

Cupcakes, blue cheese fondue, salmon, soy chai lattes, red wine, oatmeal cookie shots, dark chocolate, turkey burgers with cream cheese, scrambled eggs and the deceptively delicious cookbook. Oh, and the new dishwasher. mwahahaha

Finally seeing Steve Martin, live-and-in-person, from the third row. *Squeal*

Really soft anything (i've come to learn that since i have no sense of smell, my sense of touch is heightened), my new place, cruiser bicycles, scooters, the gift of flight, my bed, boutique hotels, the ocean, and that sponge thing with the soap in the handle. SO CONVENIENT!

Ditching all the "takers" and keeping all the "givers" that constantly fill me up and allow me to do the same for them.

The current onslaught of strong, independent women in my life, especially miss Hazel Miller - you are magic in my eyes and I love your never-ending support of all strong women.

A fun job with rad women that I actually enjoy going to five days out of the week. Thanks Lisa, Jessica and Maura.

Suzaster - for the many times I got to see you this year and proving that the perfect bachelorette party is four stiff drinks for 10 dollars total at a gay bar in Old Town Scottsdale and dancing in front of a giant fan, Tetris League and cupcakes in Denver, and re-watching House of 1000 Corpses, then laughing ourselves to sleep at 3am - and having the guts to finally do what you want, and let me vent when I'm feeling completely crazy.

Sheila, for your big, beautiful blue eyes, softness and grace, your stellar taste in music, Bob the truck, Blizzard dates at Mezcal and snorting about "thanks for smiling!"

Holly Sunshine, Singsong, Go Lightly. your very admirable outlook on life, your adoration for Mustache Bill, and your sense of humor, - not putting up with anyone's bullshit, Lucy Jane, cupcake dates, cougar nights, mani-pedis and yes, even the occasional grumpy Holly after 20 mile bike rides to and from the LBI Lighthouse.

Rachel, for pushing through a tough year and getting good results, encouraging me to create and complete my list of "28 things to do before 28," and never thinking I'm crazy when i get caught up in my right-brained, dreamy-eyed wonderment for what I want my life to become. You make those things seem realistic.

Chrissie, for making me laugh quite possibly harder than anyone has ever made me laugh in my entire life. I'm thankful for your bizarre sense of humor and genuine honesty about the things that are important. For Fwank, and for the amazing Gaga trip we have planned in December!

Kiira, for sharing sandwiches and GIANT peanut butter chocolate chip cookies at St. Marks, pulling me out of a brain fog while studying for the GMAT, movie dates at the Mayan and Esquire, and of course, bike rides around town, even if they result in my back tire resembling a Dahli painting.

Marcia, for Jack, Rose, your beautiful back yard, homemade Mojito's and long, 9-hour Sunday afternoons catching up on everything and nothing, even tho it came at the expense of your poor finger. Oh, and 4am conversations on the phone when we're both wide awake.


Chip (advising when, and only when, I ask)
Lia bean (setting a strong example for what strong women should aspire to during times of heartbreak)
Tempa (red-wine nights til 3am)
Jake (bear hugs, an adventurous heart and proving that gentleman do still exist),
Buum (for helping me in really hard times and overseeing all good things in this life),
Myrpa (NYC pedicab dates, speaking your mind on horrible mussles and Halloween CDs sent special from California)
Angeline (for always having my back, being boy crazy with me, and your stellar dance moves)
Daren and Tracy (making my Thursday nights, and finding a place where Hooping is, in fact, cool),
Jesse and Leslie (Tetris, and always including me on your nights out. You two definitely know how to have fun in life, and I love that I get to be part of yours)
Aaron, Jeremy, Joaquin and Wenzel (love)
My two favorite geese - (for always being the life of the party without attaching any drama to it, EVER)
Flower (for being such a softie sweetheart, angel baby)
Laura (Tuesday hip hop and your overall sweet nature)
Phil (for your support no matter what)
all of my creative, amazing music friends and the list goes on and on and on...

In general sum - love, happy, laughing, friends, family. It has been an AMAZING year and I couldn't have gotten there without all of you. THANK YOU.

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