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Never a happy ending

Monday, December 21, 2009
I'm dancing the delicate line between keeping quiet or throwing a little kid tantrum. Seems like such a situation doesn't deserve any energy, but it is what it is, so let's just declare the current state of things and move on, shall we?

How tired am I of being disappointed? Let down? Why don't I deserve an adult, respectable explanation to someone's change in behavior (after being impressively consistent and fabulous for months) instead of maintaining my same sami-demeanor and receiving zero response instead? I'm understanding. I'm compassionate. I throw other people's shoes on on a regular basis, but I don't take kindly to poor excuses when my feelings are concerned. I exercise grace and patience, and a very cool girl attitude most of the time, which may be why when my feelings are hurt, they're hurt big. I guess when I continually make a point to not make others feel that way, I wonder why some people in my life can't seem to reciprocate... especially when they know me better than to forget to address this kind of neglect.

I feel defeated...but, it took way too long to get my heart to open back up, so i'm going to lodge one of my cast-iron skillets in the door and make sure it doesn't shut down again. All my lovelies, you're sure helping to make it easier...

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I'm Sami Jo From Denver, CO, United States Samantha loves to travel, lose herself in a good book, practice yoga at her favorite local studio, The Yoga Mat, and connect with friends, old and new. Her love of working with creative minds extends into her personal endeavors, as well. She and her husband conduct a project called "Songs For Jake," a music collaboration channel designed with the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. Through her business, Roger Charlie, Samantha focuses on publicity and management, working closely with authors, musicians, and creatives who find value in a more personal approach through communications.
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