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30-Day Song Selection Spectacular Day #4

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Favorite Break-Up Song: 

#1 Dave Matthews - Stay or Leave - My last ex played this for me while we were still dating. This song KILLS me. Even though the smoke has cleared, I still cry when I hear it. But... it is kind of just the sweet, perfect goodbye to cherish good but recognize that cutting ties was in the best interest of both parties.

#2 Lissie - When I'm Alone - This runs close second because I think I listened to it EVERY SINGLE DAY from August - December of Last year.  While I walked. While I drove. While i laid in my bed and angrily cried. This got me through the healing process over not one, but two men - which apparently were addressed simultaneously.  This mostly applies to one over the other, but it helped build me back up.

#3 Maroon 5 - Through with You

This is by far my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE angry break-up song. I used to take many a drive in Flagstaff and just speed through highways singing this. Really taps into your dark, angry side. Songs About Jane will always be at the top of my favorite album list.


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