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Monday, February 19, 2007
I just spent the last two hours with my favorite girl workin it out to Carmen Electra's Striptease and Hip Hop Aerobics.

Let's not lie to ourselves. Anyone who knows me knows my inner sexpot is pretty heavy... so any chance I get to show it off without being completely slutty is always welcome.

Too much fun. There are a lot of chicks that could try and pull of this series and fail horribly - but Carmen is cute and has got the OK from Prince... I'm starting to wonder how old she is - but regardless, she's f'ing hot. I've been out dancing a lot lately and reminded of how much I love it. I've even enlisted Dance Breaks during television commercial break. This of course consists of Young MC "Bust a Move," Bel Biv Devoe "Poison" and TONS of the new Justin Timberlake.

Chizeck it - and if I were cool enough or had enough time to paste my head on Carmen's body like Tom Bergeron on AFV (my favorite show ever - what a geek), I'd not only look like I had an extremely nice rack and bod - but also like I have the dance experience of 20+ years.


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