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Coffee and Cigarettes

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Coffee... goooooood.

Cigarettes... baaaaaad. Unless, of course, i've had 78 shots and then you willst not judge me or call me a hypocrite when i light one up and speed on through it in 5.2 seconds.

Put them together?

A Friend of mine said he was a big Jim Jarmush fan and to give him a try.

What else is there?

Broken Flowers (this actually looked interesting... i'l have to check it)
Year of the Horse
Dead Man

Oh God... Coffee and Cigarettes III ????

Not a fan. Great cameos. Great consistency. Great concept. Meg and Jack are aweful at dry acting (stick to music, please) - but i couldn't, for the life of me make it through the whole thing. Good thing I get "famiy discount" at Videotique. mwa. ha.

Shining point: Gza, Rza and Bill Muwweeee (thanks to the movie dude at the Videostore who made a mention - i literally stood at the counter on my computer and watched). Funny. Vewwy Funny.

Too bad it wasn't the first skit of the litter:

But ya know - if you have other suggestions - let me know. I'll try it before i knock it.
Annnnd... if you've seen it - whatcha thinkin?

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