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Slang... bitch.

Saturday, February 3, 2007
We are constantly re-inventing the 'good word.' And thanks to one of my sweet-ass coworkers, I've developed a whole new vocabulary... Ghetto style. Oh yeah... and I also just downloaded the New Justin Timberlake Album to help get my groove on.


Let's help you get your groove on as well, shall we? A lesson in Street Slang, thanks to Knock Knock Slang Flash Cards:

There are a ton of things out there that are hella cool, tight as crunk, and sweet, as fine -- but when it's hella tight, you know you're sportin' a beautiful little item, bootay or your cosmetic surgery as actually successful.

Ever been caught in traffic? Sick of screaming obscenities? Try one of my favorites... it can be classified as a four-letter word and if you're extra angry, just put extra emphasis on the "ooooooooooooh."

Personally, I'd rather check out the dome of some sweet cathedral over in Ireland, Italy, Etc --- especially if someone got smoked on the noggin and is bleeding from all angles. Who be with me here? But at least if you ever get the balls enough to smack someone straight up their head, you can say that you "domed" them.

More:Frontin, Jankey, Big Ups... just buy the damn thing! it's only $13 bucks.

For those of you scooter ridin', oven-cookin, loves-to-wear-skirts, heels and pin-up apparrel like me:
Vintage Slang Cards,
For the suit and glasses kids:Corporate Jargon
Therapy Cards for those of us who just can't get our shit, let alone $90/session together
Especially approriate for the upcoming holidays (SAD or Valentimes) - SEX Flashcards.


Also... The new JT totally makes me want to practice some kokigami...

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