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It's OK not to be Friends with an Ex.

Friday, February 2, 2007
Notable Breakups as of Late (Hey man, I'm just Jumpin on the Trend):

Ryan and Alanis

Cameron and Dick-in-a-Box

Britney and Kevin

These are rare occurances when the dude just looks way cooler than the skank (yes, even in Britney's case using the last month as an example...
and that just usually isn't the case!

For the most part - I stay pretty level-headed. I see each side for what it's worth, I feel strongly about certain things, not so much about others. I'll speak my mind, but always to your face. I'm pretty picky when it comes to close friends. I don't do gala events to do surface talk and pretend like we like each other. I want bulk. I want substance. I want to feel good about who I am when I'm with you - and I want you to feel the same. I always try to keep things even keel with everyone. I'm open. I'll do my best to fix what I fucked up - if I can't - I understand and you can have your time. I'll always have an opinion - but I don't judge and I have a difficult time with people who do when they haven't been there-done that.

I'm Switzerland. I'm good at it. I've even managed to make ammends with ex-boyfriends who've used me for my money, my time, my car, my smarts and sex - only to cheat or fail horribly at rising to my bar of standards (which isn't even hard - because I'd never set a bar - I"ve just accepted you for who you were-first mistake). -I've kept them feeling important, loved, smart, hot, intelligent, etc. while i sacrificed feeling the same.

The Royal you: "Dumb, Bitch,"
Me: "Huhhh. what?"

Oh no wait, that was pre-2007 me.
Me post 2006: "I know, right?!"

Thanks for not doing the same to me - and since that's what 'friends' are supposed to do - I guess I don't owe you that even keel - nor do i owe you a friendship.

I find it most amusing that the moment I decide to swear off men completely, all of the men in my past come trapesing about within a 24-hour period.

Do you have some kind of radar or something?? Because I'm pretty open and all - because before this ugly rant, I don't recall sending out a newswire on the topic.

I dont' seek you out. In fact, I erased your numbers when I got my new phone. If I get a phone call from an unknown number, you can bet I'm sending that bitch to voicemail. I've also chaged my machine to tell you to leave a message - no promise of the return phone call. You know why? Because you suck, and I don't want to talk to you.

I don't know when the moment we're blessed with that realization that we keep dating the same men - or the same women - over and over again, but when that moment hits, it's rock-solid - and I'm not saying I'm bitter - but I'm saying i'm not doing this regular, run-of-the mill bullshit anymore. And to all of you men that suddenly had an urge to get ahold of me - please delete my number. Better yet - you won't have to - because I'm pretty sure I'll have a new one in a few weeks.

This has been a public message from miss snotty pants mcgee
(someone i'm getting extremely good at being when you cross me incorrectly).

Oh yeah... the teenage-rant diary style ends here. Substantial good things to come...

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