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Mmmm. Football Food.

Saturday, February 3, 2007
I was just reminded amidst this drrryyyy Denver weather (Which is odd considering it's snowed every single week for the last two months) that I still have chapped lips and nothing is working in aiding the healing proccess.

Upon mentioning this to my mom, she was quick to remind me that I used to think my Great Grandpa ate Chapped-Lip (Chocolate) Ice Cream and was horrified when I ate chicken legs on a regular basis, only to find out that they were real chicken legs.


Leave it up to my family to ruin drumsticks for me again when over a Father's Day dinner at my grandparents, I asked my gorgeous model aunt why she wasn't having any chicken. You'd assume it was because she was a model.

Steph: No... I'm not really into eating skin...

Awesome. You can bet i do a little peeling now before consuming any fried chicken. Breast, Leg or Gams...
That should be a good pre-curser kick-off to your superbowl party tomorrow evening :)

I'll be .... eating chocolate and watching movies...

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