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St. Valentine

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
This year has seemed least like a Valentines Day than ever before.

As a Matter of Fact - it's Wednesday.

Everyone has their opinion. Some people are bitter. Some people get pissed about being alone - think it's rude to wish them well and love on a holiday - and some go waaaaaay overboard and expect retarded presents. I'm calling it a good day to celebrate love. I love love. I used to bake people cupcakes, sugar cookies with frosting... send out cute cards.

Eh... I got lazy this year.

So from Samantha St. Valentine Jo Lien (My Confirmed Catholic Name): Happy Heart Day to all of you that have heart and share it with me once in awhile, as well :)


[I love the history on this story - mainly that "the reason St. Valentine was beheaded was that he continued to marry young couples even though Claudius forbad it. Apparently, Claudious thought that married soldiers weren't as good as single soldiers."]

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I'm Sami Jo From Denver, CO, United States Samantha loves to travel, lose herself in a good book, practice yoga at her favorite local studio, The Yoga Mat, and connect with friends, old and new. Her love of working with creative minds extends into her personal endeavors, as well. She and her husband conduct a project called "Songs For Jake," a music collaboration channel designed with the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. Through her business, Roger Charlie, Samantha focuses on publicity and management, working closely with authors, musicians, and creatives who find value in a more personal approach through communications.
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